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MY 3 Round Mock Draft


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Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
Since I criticized somebody else's draft(tho we do agree on a lot Ice) I thought it would only be fair to open myself up to the sme goes:

1)Houston - David Carr, QB, Fresno State
Any real doubt that this is going to happen?

2)Carolina - Julius Peppers, DE, UNC
Again, almost a lock, although there are rumors starting that Jammer might sneak into this spot.

3)Detroit - Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas
Would be a great pick for Detroit and is no longer deemed a "minor reach", Jammer has it all.

4)Buffalo - Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami
Really hate to see them land an elite Blue Chip prospect like this, but can they really afford to pass up McKinnie?

5)San Diego - John Henderson, DT, Tennessee
I know a few people will question this pick, but i still think Henderson is the best DT of the group, buit much like Richard Seymour. Loss of Parrella leaves huge void in the middle.

6)Dallas - Philip Buchanon, CB, Miami
Dallas needs a shutdown corner and Buchanon seems like a logical fit. Already addressed QB and DT in FA.

7)Minnesota - Mike Williams, OT, Texas
Would probobly like to get a CB, but with both off the board they will take the best player available and he fits a major need.

8.)Kansas City - Ryan Sims, DT, UNC
Run stuffer with the ability to get after the passer. Very consistent player with good frame. KC needs to be able to stop the run.

9)Jacksonville - Levi Jones, OT, Arizona State
Could go in any number of directions, hard pick to project. Jones has been flying up the charts and is possibly a bit of a reach, but by the draft very well could be a top 10 pick.

10)Cincinnati - Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma
Would be instant leader of the secondary. Brings big play ability, can play both run and pass. Help the defense by leaps and bounds.

11)Indianapolis - Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin
At 304 pounds and his 4.77 time in the forty, he established hmself as a prime time prospect. Can definately get after the QB. Very quick, would anchor this talent deprived line.

12)Arizona - Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee
Lack any bulk in the middle of their line, this mammoth DT will cure that. Could end up being best DT of the class, worst case a space eater that wil be a solid starter.

13)New Orleans - Donté Stallworth, WR, Tennessee
Could be taken much higher than this after his excellant workout at pro day. NO needs another playmaker on the perimeter and Stallworth is the best in the draft.

14)Tennessee - Toniu Fonoti, OG, Nebraska
I am a$suming that since they have interviewed every single FA safety there is, they wil have one by the draft, so I have them upgrading their oline. Eddie runs up the middle so why not have a road grader leading the way?

15)NY Giants - Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawai'i
Another team that could go in a few directions. Lelie would give them a legitimate deep threat and another option for Collins. Would make the offense very dangerous.

16)Cleveland - Wiliam Green, RB, Boston College
They need a RB and Oline help. They could get a good Olineman here, or the best RB in the draft, should be a no brainer. Better Oline depth then RB depth in this class.

17)Atanta - Josh Reed, WR, LSU
Nobody questions his ability to cath and run after the catch, the big question was his speed. He ran a 4.45 40 at LSU and that should guarentee him in the middle of the first round. A good weapon for Vick.

18)Washington - Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon
I can't really see him lasting this long, but look at the teams that pick before Washington, they all have young QB's to develope. A trade is possible and Harrington wil probobly be gone, but for now I have him here. Washington would be happy to have him.

19)Denver - Kalimba Edwards, DE, South Carolina
Lacked a serious pass rush outside of Trevor Pryce. Edwards would give them a force off the edge, something they need.

20)Seattle - Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami
If they get Sharpe then this pick will be D line, if not look for the Seahawks to take a TE, and I believe Shockey is the best one in the draft. Great receiver who would help whatever QB is throwing the ball.

21)Oakland - TJ Duckett, RB, Michigan State
Can't see him falling any further. Raiders need to replace Wheatly and Duckett would become the best back on their roster, maybe only behind Garner. Will eventualy start in rookie season.

22)NY Jets - Ed Reed, S, Miami
Safety problems are over for the Jets if they select Reed. Super ballhawk that has enough punch in "smallish" frame to play the run. Could also look DT.

23)Baltimore - Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
Super talent with some character issues. Not major issues but they are there none the less. Teamed with his less then spectacular 40 time, he should fall to the bottom half of round 1. Skills shouldn't allow him to drop much further.

24)Oakland - Napolean Harris, LB, Northwestern
Best LB in class and the Raiders definately need an infusion of youth into this unit. Wont have to play too much in his first year, should help him develope into good LB next year.

25)New Orleans - Daniel Graham, TE, Colorado
Picked up a WR with first pick, now get another position of need on offense. Might be pressed into early action with the lack of depth/skill in NO at the TE position.

26)Philadelphia - Andre Gurode, OG/C, Colorado
Philly needs some skill for their interior of the line Gurode has versitility to play all 3 positions inside which shoud benefit him and get him on the field early. Very good pick at this number.

27)San Francisco - Javon Walker, WR, Florida State
Fits the mold of the SF receiver, Big Strong Fast. Secured a spot in RD. 1 with his 4.32 40 at the combine. Garcia and co. get another valuble weapon.

28)Green Bay - Eddie Freeman, DT, UAB
Big DT with good speed(4.91) and quickness. Might be able to play LE in spots. Would add good talent to the interior of their line where both of last years starters are FAs.

29)Chicago - Charles Grant, DE, Gergia
Has skyrocketed up the charts and is now in borderline first round territory. The bears want to come away with a pass rusher in this draft and they very well coud find a keeper with their fist pick.

30)Pittsburgh - Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida
Would add a prospect to the CB and a legit superstar return man for the special teams. Brash young player with big upside. Could be stater in 2nd season.

31)St. Louis - Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida
Would give them a 3 headed monster at WR. Dropped after workouts but would be a steal and would shine in the wide open Rams attack. Upgrade over Hakim.

32)New England - Keyuo Craver, CB, Nebraska
Few glaring weaknesses, one is youth in the secondary. Could be a good pick and a good nickle back as a rookie. Eventual replacement for Otis "My Man" Smith.

RD 2.
33)Houston - Andre Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
Get a good WR for Carr to thro to. Could end up going higher but this looks to be about right. Could develope into a pro-bowler if he puts it all together.(Carr, Davis)

34)Carolina - Anthony Weaver, DT, Notre Dame
Another boarderline 1st round pick. Has good versatility which would help Carolina's line. Solid pick for a horrendus defensive team.(Peppers, Weaver)

35)Detroit - DeShaun Foster, RB, UCLA
Detroit is obviously in the market for Stewart's replacement and could find one early in the draft. I am not very high on Foster, think he fumbles way to much, but he looks like a lock for the early 2nd round.(Jammer, Foster)

36)Buffalo - Larry Triplett, DT, Washington
Would team with Pat Williams to make a nice DT combo. Short(6'1) but very effective. Buffalo needs to upgrade this position badly.(McKinnie, Triplett)

37)San Diego - Mike Pearson, OT, Florida
The fall is finally over. To think about a month or 2 ago he was locked in a top 10 spot. Falls long and Hard, but San Diego would gladly pick him to help sure up a spotty line.(Henderson, Pearson)

38)Dallas - LaMont Thompson, S, Washington State
Woodson is getting up in years and Teague is average at best. Need youth at the saefty spot and Thompson is a good prospect.(Buchanon, Thompson)

39)Minnesota - Mike Rumph, CB, Miami
Need all the help they can get in the secondary. Signed Chavous but he is more suited to be a safety. Rumph could get chance to play early in Minnesota. Good size for a CB.(M Williams, Rumph)

40)Kansas City - Reche Caldwell, WR, Florida
Kansas City seems intent on releasing Alexander after June 1 so they will need even more help at WR. Caldwell runs good routes and has pretty good speed.(Sims, Caldwell)

41)Jacksonville - Dennis Johnson, DE, Kentucky
Was absolutely dominant in SEC play, but has fallen off since the combine. A bit light, but I Think he will be a steal in the second round. Force off the edge.(L Jones, Johnson)

42)Cincinnati - Kendall Simmons, OG, Auburn
Have a promising offense but need more stability on the line. Simmons could be a day 1 starter and play OT in spots, but he really is a G.(R Williams, Simmons)

43)Indianapolis - Michael Lewis, S, Colorado
No suprise the Colts address their defense again. Lewis is a solid safety prospect who would team with Bashir to form a great young S combo.(W Bryant, Lewis)

44)Arizona - Bryan Thomas, DE, UAB
Blazed the 40 in 4.47 which is amazing for a DE. Would give the Cards a sorely needed edge rush. They really need all the defensive help they can get.(Haynesworth, B Thomas)

45)New Orleans - Trev Faulk, LB, LSU
Lost a lot of defensive starters this offseason and need to rebuild the unit. Faulk should be able to start immediately and help young defense.(Stallworth, Graham, Faulk)

46)Tennessee - Derek Ross, CB, Ohio State
Could have been a 1st rounder next seaon, but poor grades seemingly forced him to enter this years draft. Could develope into a very good corner.(Fonoti, Ross)

47)NY Giants - Marc Colombo, OT, Boston College
Need to replace Lomas Brown now. He is very old and it showed last year. Colombo might start out on the right side, but has the potential to be the LT in a year or 2.(Lelie, Colombo)

48)Cleveland - Terrance Metcalf, OG, Ole Miss
Browns need Olineman badly. Very poor Oline has almost gotten Couch killed and has opened no holes for any RBs. Metcalf again could be another rookie starter.(W Green, Metcalf)

49)Hoston - Clinton Portis, RB, Miami
If the Texans first 3 picks are Carr, Davis, and Portis they have laid a very solid foundation on offense for years to come. May not be very competitive early, but when they develope, look out. Portis has good vision and burst, compared to Emmitt Smith.(Carr, A Davis, Portis)

50)San Diego - Marquise Walker, WR, Michigan
Need some extra help and size on the perimeter. Walker would be a nice big target for Brees to rely on. Can make absolutely ridiculous catches, some of the best I have ever witnessed.(Henderson, Pearson, M Walker)

51)Washington - Dwight Freeney, DE, Syracuse
Very fast DE, on the short side. If he was a few inches taller he would be a Blue Chip prospect. Gives the Skins a speed rusher to develope behing Bruce Smith.(Harrington, Freeney)

52)Denver - Alan Harper, DT, Fresno State
High effort player that would see no double teams playing next to Trevor Price. "Lightish"(285) but makes plays and has high motor.(K Edwards, Harper)

53)Seattle - Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama
Brown and Simmons are very good LBs, they need another fast teammate to keep up. Rasheed is a junior that could have went higher next year, but winds up in a pretty good situation in Seattle.(Shockey, Rasheed)

54)Oakland - Alex Brown, DE, Florida
I am not really high on Brown, who has all the skill in the world, but doesn't not live up to the talent/hype. Oakland has so many early picks so they can afford to take a chance on a high risk/reward player like Brown.(Duckett, Harris, A Brown)

55)NY Jets - Kevin Thomas, CB, UNLV
I am a little higher on Thomas than most, but I think he will be a good player. NYJ need help at corner, signed Beasley but he is not a great CB.(E Reed, K Thomas)

56)Baltimore - Lamar Gordon, RB, North Dakota State
The Ravens suffered badly last year when Lewis went down to injury. They needto come out of the draft with some insurance as they will be a run oriented team next season by default. Lewis has a long history of injury so a quality back-up is a must.(A Bryant, Gordon)

57)Oakland - Patrick Ramsey, QB, Tulane
Again not a real need pick, but there are rumors Al Davis is not very fond of Tuioisopo(last year's #2). They can Gamble and hit a homerun with this pick. Luxery pick that could pay big dividends down the road when Gannon hangs em up.(Duckett, Harris, A Brown, Ramsey)

58)Philadelphia - Najeh Davenport, FB/RB, Miami
Better runner than blocker. Philly needs an upgrade in the RB and Davenport could be a find. Can play FB and RB so versatility will help him get playing time somewhere early.(Gurode, Davenport)

59)Philadelphia - Dorsett Davis, DT, Mississippi State
Corey Simon needs a run stuffer next to him for him to be at his best. Davis is a hit/miss player, could be a much better pro than a collegian.(Gurode, Davenport, D Davis)

60)San Francisco - Robert Thomas, LB, UCLA
I really don't think Thomas should be drafted this high but he will. San Fran don't have many glaring holes so they sure up and weaknesses in the LB corps. Fast undersized player should be good depth at least for SF.(J Walker, R Thomas)

61)Green Bay - LeCharles Bentley, OC, Ohio State
Probobly the best center in his class, Bentley could be a probowler or a bust. He has the talent but will he utilize it? Green Bay hopes so.(Freeman, Bentley)

62)Chicago - Randy McMichael, TE, Georgia
Pick would be Stevens(Washington) but I believe his many character issues will drop him out of the first day of the draft, even tho he has great size/skill. McMichael is a junior that should be able to contribute as a rookie, but don't look for him to start tis year.(Grant, McMichael)

63)Pittsburgh - LeVar Fisher, LB, NC State
Some think he could be the best LB in the draft when it is all said and done. Has good ability but something always goes wrong for him. Hope to hit LB gold 2 years in a row in the 2nd rd.(Sheppard, Fisher)

64)St. Louis - Victor Rogers, OT, Colorado
Need a RT badly and could find their answer in Rogers, strictly a right side palyer. Fills a big hole with his big body.(Gaffney, Rogers)

65)New England - Ryan Denney, DE, BYU
Don't have much in the way of DEs. McGinest looks like his best years are behind him and there isn't too much to speak of after him, an upgrade is needed. Denney is a productive player with good measureables.(Craver, Denney)

RD 3. (I will add commentary to this maybe tomorrow, have to go out now or be scorned by the gf....heheh)

66)Houston - Raonall Smith, LB, Washington State
67)Carolina - Ron Johnson, WR Minnesota
68)Detroit - Kenyon Coleman, DE, UCLA
69)Buffalo - Ramon Walker, S, Pittsburgh
70)San Diego - Fred Weary, OG, Tennessee
71)Dallas - Tim Carter, WR, Auburn
72)Minnesota - Will Overstreet, DE, Tennessee
73)Kansas City - Ben Leber, LB, Kansas State
74)Jacksonville - Kahlil HIll, WR, Iowa
75)Cincinnati - Nate Dwyer, DT, Kansas
76)Indianapolis - Robert Royal, TE, LSU
77)Arizona - Josh McCown, QB, Sam Houston State
78)New Orleans - Martin Bilba, OG, Miami
79)Tennessee - Johnathon Wells, RB, Ohio State
80)NY Giants - Doug Jolley, TE, BYU
81)Cleveland - Joaquin Gonzalez, OT, Miami
82)Houston - Marques Anderson, S, UCLA
83)Atlanta - Chester Pitts, OT, San Diego State
84)St. Louis - James Allen, LB, Oregon State
- Denver forfeits pick -
85)Seattle - Justin Bannan, DT, Colorado
86)Tampa Bay - Edward Tu'amu, OG, Utah
87)NY Jets - Langston Walker, OT, Cal
88)Baltimore - Andre Lott, DB, Tennessee
89)Oakland - Mike Echols, CB, Wisconsin
91)Philadelphia - Andra Davis, LB, Florida
- San Francisco forfeits pick -
92)Green Bay - Cliff Russell, WR, Utah
93)Chicago - Jarrod Baxter, FB, New Mexico
94)Pittsburgh - Chris Hope, S, Florida State
95)St. Louis - Antwaan Randle-El, WR, Indiana
96)New England - Sheldon Brown, CB, South Carolina
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