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My analysis of the game


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Sep 3, 2001
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The Offense

6 touchdowns!
What more can I say.
I could say Ricky Williams rushed for 2 touchdowns and a 5.6 yard average (with a long run of 38yards) on his way to his first hundred yard game as a Dolphin. I could say something about Robert Edwards and his two touchdowns, one rushing, one receiving.... Or how about Randy McMicheal and his one handed grab or his touchdown catch? What about Chris Chambers going up and coming down with a long gainer to go along with a touchdown catch of his own? I could say something about Jay Fiedler and his.....*drumroll*......3 touchdown passes against 0 interceptions!!! I could even say something about Jamie Nails just crushing people out there.
I could say Norv is a Genius.
But I won't say any of that, I'll just say....6 touchdowns!


The Defense.

Questionable performance by the defense. What most concerned me was the lack of sacks from the defensive end position. They just weren't getting a whole lot of pressure on McMahon consistently enough the way they should have been against a Detroit offensive line which wasn't supposed to be one of the strong points of their team. Even when we knew they were going to throw on every play I would have liked to see them get more pressure than what they were.
I will give them credit for keeping McMahon pretty much in check as far as runnig the ball, they did stay in their lanes and contain him.
The Lions were pretty much forced to abandon the run and only gained 51 yards on the ground while the Dolphin defense only gave up 211 through the air. Which leads us to the question.
How did the Dolphins give up 21 points off of two drives of over ten plays and another covering seven plays?
Answer in first paragraph.


Special teams
First of all it was Albert Johnson's first game as a pro so I'll go easy on him....this week. From a bobble on the opening kickoff, to a fumble luckily recovered by the Dolphins, to a fair catch on the 5 yard line, he had a rough day. He needs to get it together next week. That's all I have to say about that.
Trent Gamble was in the right place at the right time for a gift touchdown off of a punt that bounced off a Lions hip, then into the endzone before it found a home in his arms
Royals had a 47.3yard average on 5 punts and Mare was booming his kickoffs and going a perfect seven for seven on extra points, but Johnsons performance brings this grade down.


I think we can be pretty happy with the results of the game. We blew out a team that we should have and didn't get caught looking ahead to Indianapolis.
The Norv turner offense looked nearly unstoppable. Jay Fielder played smart and didn't turn the ball over and they proved that 3rd and 1 becomes a first down with Ricky in the back field.
The defense has somethings to work on but I'm not worried about them yet. We'll see what happens next week before I get worried. We will find out next week, when they go to Indy and face Manning & Co.


Good analysis inFINS.. I was disappointed with AJ's performance too, the fair catch on the 5 could have bee a killer against a better team... I'll give him the benifit of the doubt for now... but he'd better step up next week, or we may see Ogden back :(
I don't want to mention it, but AJ sucked!...he was by far the worst part of our team together...I think they'll work with him and get the nerves out and he'll better...I hope so, for our sake.
Jeez going a little rough on the CFL guy aren't we? He had some really nice returns out there today. Sure he had some jitters. He fumbled once...he fair-caught a ball on the 5 (ouch)....and nearly started a fisticuff that could have cost us yardage...but it WAS his first ever NFL game.

And he did just what we signed him up to do. He returned punts and kicks, very very well. Leave him alone for a bit I say.
A 25.3 yard average on kickoff returns and an 11 yard average on punt not "very very well"
Damn CK, you defend the guys you like and slam the guys you don't...stop being near sighted and see that AJ made more mistakes in a game than he should all season.

Why should we go easy on a guy who made THREE bone-headed plays...if Ogden had made just one of those plays you'd be calling for him to be cut.

I said he'll be better and I think he will, but you said take it easy on the guy and I'm being too hard, I say if anything the peeps on this board are being too EASY on the guy since we won in a blowout...wait till he does that and costs us a game and we'll see if you're so forgiving.

My point is, he needs to do better, he's only here for returns and when you make 3 mistakes in the only thing you do, is 3 too many.
Actually, after the fair-catch at the 5 had me saying to myself ... "I thought we cut Jeff Ogden!?!?" :lol:

BUT, he did seem to get it under control later in the game.I'm surprised NOBODY has mentioned the fact that if Lyght didn't attempt to decapitate on that last run... it was a guaranteed 6 points. He was the last man to beat, and Johnson had a full head of steam. It was his first NFL game, and I think the jitters will pass. But, if he keeps it up... he will be in the end zone on a kick return in no time.
My analysis of the game.........It was freakin' awesome! :D I have pictures of us scoring, scoring and scoring some more. It was an incredible day! :D The only thing that really pissed me off was that the fans started leaving around the middle of the 3rd quarter. I realize it was very hot and I actually had to strip down to my bikini top, but they should have stayed to enjoy the tremendous victory.
Detroit is an NFL team..and we beat them good...I say again a NFL team...
Somebody has to say it....

Originally posted by miadphan13
I realize it was very hot and I actually had to strip down to my bikini top, but they should have stayed to enjoy the tremendous victory.

I would have stayed all night with you in your bikini top!

:D :eek: :D
speaking of ricky...that dude had some awesome blocks as well! we really scored with this guy! i just wished we had a stronger team to test our true capabilities with on day1, but i'll take that win any day!
aj just had jitters, he showed a lot more than ogden ever did...i think this kid will be dangerous!
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