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My draft....(so who give's a rat's arse!)

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Mar 4, 2005
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Atlanta, GA
.....For what it's worth, I believe that we will trade with Minny for their 7th and 18th and a 4th this year, and next.....

We will then draft: Mike Williams @ 7 (We ARE a passing offense folks!)

and : David Pollack @ 18 (think Bruschi like versatility)

and: Charlie Frye in the 3rd (Senior bowl showed competitive nature and an accurate strong arm.)....we may have to trade up slightly for him to be available...

Ricky Williams will be our starting back by mid-season, for the mere reason to increase his trade value next year. In a Linehan offense we will pass to set-up the run and he'll get fewer carries on average but his YPC will be higher.

Frye will supplant Rosenfels this season and compete next year (although I'd expect it to be 3 years to develope.)

Just my amateur kind.
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