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My First Mock Draft


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Mar 29, 2005
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Well the Dolphins finally got the second round pick they so desperately wanted and now the draft is wife open for them. Here is a look at my first mock draft ever and I think it looks pretty good.

Round 1 Braylon Edwards - He has all the tools and intangibles. Forget the fact that the last two Michigan receivers drafted high didnt pan out, Edwards will. He is a big, physical receiver who has pro bowl potential written all over him.

Round 2 Ciatrick Fason, J.J. Arrington, Vernand Morency, Ryan Moats, Eric Shelton or Marian Barber III - Hey lets be honest any one of these six backs could easily be around for us to grab in the second round and all of them can be featured backs. Dont forget Lenihan doesnt run the ball a lot and uses multiple backs throughout the game.

Round 3 Luis Castillo - The guy is a beast and can dominate inside in either the 4-3 or the 3-4. He is falling because of his acknowledging steroid use. If he falls this far I can see Saban grabbing him up. If Castillo doesnt fall this far then a great replacement will be Antajj Hawthorne.

Round 4 David Greene - He has all the intangibles, a good, high delivery and he is a plain winner. All the guy does is win and win and win. A great developmental quarterback and Saban knows him very well.

Round 5 Travis Daniels - Has played both safety and corner and hey he played for Saban. Isnt flashy but makes all the plays and ran in the 4.4 range during his pro day.

Round 7 Here the Dolphins will go with a developmental player either at linebacker or offensive line. They also could take Maurice Clarett and if he pans out trade him next year.

Well didnt take into affect any trades because they are too iffy and right now no one knows if anyone willl trade up.
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