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My first post!

Phins Phan

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Mar 21, 2002
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Pembroke Pines
Hi all,

I've been looking around for a good Phins site. Looks like I just found it! I am a Miami native (actually I live in Pembroke Pines) and I look foward to great Phins talk with all of you.

Talk to you soon!

Phins Phan
welcome a-board Phins Phan


Thanks to everyone welcoming me aboard!

Looks like I picked the right site after all!

Phins Phan
Welcome Phins Phan.
I live in Coconut Creek now, but lived in Pembroke for 7 years (Passadena Place)
Whereabouts in Pembroke you at?
Thanks Scotgif!

I live in a community called Towngate, which is on Pines Blvd just west of I-75.

Phins Phan
You both picked the mecca of 'Fin-fan MB's. Throw some good opinions out there and have fun as you rid the 'Fin train to San Diego this January.
Well I want to say hello to SamMad29, and Phin Phan as well. Nice to see all the new faces! :D
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