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my game preview...


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Jan 9, 2002
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On O:
Two average above average (Fiedler), one below average (Grbac).

Dolphins must continue the zone blocking on O. They've done it for the first time this season against Buffalo and have done it almost exclusively last year. If we do zone block (at least partially) Lamar will have a good day.

Our passing offense can explore the Ravens secondary. Chambers and McKnight could have career days against them.

We'll score at least 3 TDs on O (2 via the air, 1 via ground). Tag a FG on...24 points for the Phins...

On D:
Our D is a home D. Need I say more. Grbac will have a day he'll like forget quickly. 2 INTs (1 by Madison and 1 by Marion).

Strenght of the (Ravens) O is the running game and the short to medium passing. Like to see our safeties cheat up to support the run D. If we can hold Allen to less then a 100 yards and rattle Grbac (hey Bates there is something called corner blitz and linebacker blitz) they'll stay in single digits (scoring). I still give them a TD and a FG...10 points for the birds....

Final: 24-10....

and since the Jets will beat the Raiders we will be off to Foxi-la-la-land...
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