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Sep 29, 2001
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The Dolphins pulled out a win on the road today against Indianapolis 21-13. The Dolphins dominated the first half, which started with a Jay Fiedler run for a touchdown on the first drive. Fiedler also had two touchdown passes in this half, one to Rob Konrad and one to Ricky Williams. The Dolphins defense was also dominant with 3 interceptions in the first half. However, the Colts outscored us 10-0 in the second half, but they were not able to convert on the last play to win the game. The game became very dramatic in the end, when the Colts started a drive which got them to the 5 yard line, but Brock Marion saved the day at the end.
Jay Fiedler played very well today, with three total touchdowns. He threw the ball very well but still threw an interception when he overthrew Oronde Gadsden. Ricky Williams had an amazing day on the ground with over 110 yards rushing and over 60 recieving, with one touchdown. The offensive line only allowed one sack and opened many holes up for the running game.
The defense played a very sloppy game. We played very well on the goal line, when we stopped Edgerrin James from getting in on four consecutive plays, and Brock Marion saved the day on the last play of the game on a drive in which the defense just fell apart. The defense was unable to get a sack but was successful in putting pressure on the quarterback. The secondary played very well in the first half. Peyton Manning threw three interceptions in that timeframe to Derrick Rodgers, Jamar Fletcher, and Patrick Surtain, but the first two were caught off deflections. Patrick Surtain dove for the interception at the end of the second half in the end zone. It was truly a great play but unfortunately he was injured doing it and didn't return. In the second half, their were many penalties against the secondary which resulted in huge gains of yardage for the Colts which enabled them to make it a close game. The run defense was just horrible, Edgerrin James just ran all over us all game, and if it doesn't improve by next Sunday, Curtis Martin may be running all over us, so that is certainly something they need to work on during the week.
Overall, I thought the offense played pretty well but the defense struggled. Luckily, we only gave up 13 points and won the game, which is all that really matters anyway. The Colts are one of the most dominant offenses in the NFL, and only allowing them to score 13 is pretty good, but we committed way too many penalties this week and we need to cut them down a lot next week. My MVP on offense is Ricky Williams, who had another great day, and my defensive MVP is Zach Thomas for having 11 tackles and making some key stops. An honorable mention on defense goes to Derrick Rodgers for playing well in coverage and having an interceptions, something you wouldn't expect from him.
Very good report. Ricky had an awesome day with 138 yards rushing and 194 yards total. I do disagree that the defesne struggled. Yes, they did give up lots of yards but when it mattered most they didn't give up anything. The goal line stand was AWESOME and they only gave up 13 points to Peyton and Co. That said there are problems such as our defense needs work and Bates needs to learn how to scheme to put our best players on opponents best players i.e. Madison on Harrison not Fletcher on Harrison.
Our defense is weak without ALL of our Defensive Starters playing. Our DLINE also gave up too many tackles that should have been pounded at the LOS. BUT it is something to improve on and i can't wait to play the JETS!!!!! GO RICKY!! Also Jay is still the shiznit!!!! GO JAY!!
Poor Jay..i'm not the biggest fan of him but when i see something like that i'm disgusted...He had one bad throw???Thats all Give the man a break...:yell:
I was talking about that one pass that was poorly thrown. Not the whole game. Did I say he played bad... No I didn't. So shut up.
Jay had one bad throw and a lot of good ones so give him a break. He has played very well and the cover 2 has given im trouble throughout his career so come on. He played very well today.
I really enjoyed the first half i was standing up cheering at my house,as usual,but the 2nd half was almost a letdown.Just some tweaking and im sure things will work itself out.I hope Surtain's injuring isnt too bad..
The second half wasn't too much fun to watch. :( It doesn't matter though because we WON, and it doesn't matter how much you win by as long as you win! :)
In the words of rich,spoiled athletes: "It doesnt matter what you do to win the game,as long as its a win"
Ice I didn't say Fiedler played bad. I commented on one bad throw. That is it, there was no comment in my post that said Jay played bad.
Dolphinators all you did comment on as his one poor throw though...if you had included his throw was terrible(which it was) and then said but he was very good the rest of the game....I think we would have all agreed.

Jay was good today and I'm happy about that. I would like to see Jay clean that up, but I saw Peyton misfire many times and I watched Warner play today and he made many poor throws.

I like Jay and am growing in confidence in him.
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