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My Jets Suck Banner....


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I made some banners this year for each home division game. The Jets banner will be displayed first on Sunday....

I'm very proud of it....

It's 2 x 10, and reads J-E-T-S in big green letters. On top of the J-E-T-S, there are the orange words SUCK-SUCK-SUCK!!!.....

It's awesome. It's made of canvass, and can't be ripped or destroyed in case some Jets fans decide to take it.....

I can't wait to unveil it on Sunday. I'll be there when the parking lot gates open, and hopefully if I'm lucky, I'll get it inside the stadium and hang it behind the Jets bench!!!.....

Let's hear it Phinz fans!!!!

J-E-T-S....SUCK!! SUCK!! SUCK!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

PHINZ RULE!!!!:fire:
I'll be looking for it BK......

We are going to kick the Jets' ASS(es?) this weekend and I'm going to be there to watch.!!!!

Go Dolphins!!!!!
Very nice sign -- and canvas - smart idea -- i will give a phin fan some credit with that...
I'll keep my eyes open -- would love to get a picture of it when the jets win the game:)
Good Luck!
I don't need to take the same picture for three straight years -- just one this year will be fine:)
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