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My Last One of the Night - Adewale Ogunleye

Has Ogunleye won the starting job?

  • Yes, he should play run downs and come out on pass downs in favor of Bowens and Burnett

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Yes, he should play both run downs AND pass downs

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • No, Jay Williams should play run downs, and Ogunleye should see the majority of passing downs at LDE

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • No, Ogunleye should get less playing time than Williams and Bowens, and the same amount or less than

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
I think this guy has potential to be a starting caliber LE...He is not that bad agaisnt the run and he can only get better agaisnt the run ......
I say, save him for passing downs. Less chance for injury and he`ll be fresher toward years end.
O-Gun should have had playing time last season......Ive seen his talent since last year....this guy is ready to go....Start him.
No way...he's 255 lbs. Start JWilliams on run downs and let O-gun play passing downs.

He is making plays but hasn't proven anything in regular season. I like him and want to get playing time but not at expense of run D.

We alreasy have a 260 lb. DE and you can't start two in this league. Period.
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