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My Mock Draft


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Sep 8, 2004
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Instead of doing a mock of what I think will happen, I am going to do it based on what I want to happen, however far fetched or unlikely that may be.. so yeah, I know it prolly isn't gonna happen but its what would make my draft weekend if it did.. Im also not gonna try and pretend to be a draft expert which im clearly not, but I should at least be in the ballpark..

TRADE - Ronnie Brown is sent to Detroit for their 2nd round pick

Round 1 (#12) - WR Dez Bryant
- The front office sees a chance to put the offense over the top, pairing the best WR in the draft with one of the best WRs already in the league.. Chad Henne has a year of experience and two dangerous weapons to further his development.

Round 2 (#34) - FS Nate Allen
- Deciding against taking Earl Thomas in the first round in favor of Dez Bryant, the Dolphins still get a FS to fill the hole left by failure Gibril Wilson. Allen has good size, decent speed, and should be able to take over the open FS spot.

Round 3 (#73) - OLB Thaddeus Gibson
- Going back to round 1 again where the Dolphins passed on an OLB, they make up for it here by grabbing an athletic pass rushing OLB with good size and speed (6'2 245/4.7 40)

Round 4 (#110) - DT Tourell Troup
- With Fergie getting suspended 8 games and the uncertainty of Paul Solai, the Dolphins grab some much needed help at the NT position with Troup. A big body who can clog the middle and eat up blockers, hed be a nice fit for us.

Round 5 (#145) - OLB A.J. Edds
- 6'3 246 lbs and a solid 4.7 40 time. Adding another big OLB with good speed right here would be another nice addition to an area of need.

Round 6 (#173) - TE Andrew Quarless
- After thinking about putting Michael Hoomanawanui at this spot I decided to go with Quarless. At 6'4 and 250 lbs and a nice 40 time (4.69) he had good production in 2009 and could improve our TE core.

Round 6 (#174) -
OT Sam Young- Has real nice size at 6'7 316 lbs and would be a nice body to try and develop into a T that can help us in the future.

Round 6 (#179) -
OG Dace Richardson
- Another big bodied lineman except this time on the interior. For some reason I just really like Iowa players in terms of transitioning to the NFL, and it never hurts to try and add depth to your OLine.

Round 7 (#212) -
KR/PR Brandon James
- After trading Ted Ginn we have opened a hole at KR and I really don't like Bess at PR at all. Although James has a very small frame at 5'6 176 lbs he runs a 4.4 40 and was a good return man for Florida. Its worth a look at the end of the draft.

Round 7 (#219) -
RB Lonyae Miller- Very nice size at 5'11 221 and a 4.5 40 we can add a late round RB to compete with Williams, Cobbs, Hilliard, and Sheets. Competition is great, and with the trade of Ronnie Brown it would be nice to check out all options for our new stable of RBs.

Round 7 (#252) -
CB Walter McFadden
- After losing Nate Jones we take a late round flyer on a CB prospect with good size and speed who showed good playmaking ability last season for Auburn.

I was kind of winging it at the end there, but the first 5-6 rounds of the draft if it went down like this would make me one very happy fin fan. I think it address our defense needs while also adding another big time threat to our offense.
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