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My name is Gladiator!!!

i don't know................

sure hope he'll be back healthy next year

once you start having back problems that can't be corrected by surgery, its something you always have. although surgery isn't the answer! :confused:
right but at least there's still hope... I just hope he will not be a "Mario Lemieux" version...:(
Daryl better play since we are paying him lots of money in guranteed salary and prorated signing bonus after that huge contract he signed. If he retires, we'll suck next year cap wise.
i don't know.............

back pain is so damed hard to diagnose. it may hurt like hell and all you have to do is exercise and its gone, yey you might hurt something and you're afraid to move. can't force him! :rolleyes:
Daryl has certainly impressed with his character since JJ drafted him in what Kiper and co. thought was the biggest bust since Eric Kumerow. Big D will be back if he says so. I guess a bad back for DT is not as bad as bad big toe for a WR.
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