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My new dream


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Take care of our o-line in free agency OG Stone Giants, Glenn T Indy, Kreutz C Bears. Then take a shot at Harrington. He really impressed me tonight against a good CU defense. Then take Chester Taylor in the later rounds for rb. Then get rid of Bowens, Ruddy, Dixon, and Lamar.
What needs to be fixed

Gettin Stone from the giants isnt a good idea. He isnt as good as last year and there is better. Steve McKinney from the Colts is going to be a free agent and he is the main reason that Edge has the holes he does. Also gettin Kreutz would be good, but what is the cap hit if they release Ruddy? Also gettin Tarik Glenn from the Colts would be a good addition too. Also drafting someone like T.J. Duckett who might enter would be good or possibly William Green
if, and this is a big if...........

that guy henderson from LSU, IF he can be taught to hold on to the ball, he looked real strong and very explosive in his running. always set up his blocks too!:D
I really think drafting a rb in round 1 is crazy, unless you have the chance at a true superstar, and I don't really see 1 in this group. If you can form a good o-line most any nfl calliber back will have sucses running behinf them.
here's a possible sleeper....

Watson could easily be the premier runningback in the 2002 draft. A Game**** recruit said that Watson would opt out, and we thought he would. He has had some off-the-field issues that will help him make his decisions. On-the-field, Watson is everything you want in a back. He has speed and power, runs inside and outside. He breaks tackles and can catch coming out of the backfield. He is a workhorse. The only issue I have with Watson is he struggles holding onto the football. If he can get this under control, he could surpass the others on this list.

the name is Derrick Watson of South Carolina... i saw him once last year and he impressed me...
first off, if Daryl retires we cannot do anything in FA and we may need to keep Tim Bo. Tim Bo is supposed to get paid like 8 mil next year so if he does not re-negotiate...he will be cut. Assuming Daryl does not retire and cause us to get a huge cap hit, we should sign 1 decent OL at least, we need to keep Ruddy for now and then draft the best available from OL, DL or RB

Harrington will be long gone when we pick...
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
After that game last night I don't think Joey Harrington will fall to us.
he is probably the #1 QB in the draft now.
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