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My Review of the Game


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Sep 7, 2001
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Ft. Lauderdale,FL
This was the best offensive performace by this team that i have seen in a longggg time.Congrads! However the defense looked a little suspect but i think it was probably due to the heat/fatigue.Here's how I rate the game posisition by posistion.

Quarterback: A-
Jay Fiedler had a great day,despite one or two suspect throws.But,0 INTS! 0 fumbles,and he had a 127 QB pecentage! He threw 3 TDS,tying a career high.

Running/Fullback: A+
Ricky Williams had a stand out performance.111 yards and 2 TD's.Robert Edwards also had a TD and ran for 20 yards.FB Rob Konrad finally got to see some action today,with 4 receptions and 35 yards.Hopefully this will continue throught the season.Deon Dyer did his usual exellent blocking,but otherwise didn't need him to do much of anything else.

Tight End: A+
Randy McMichael,remember that name.This kid is going to be a star,along with Chris Chambers.They will be two young stars of the NFL.But back to TE's,McMichael had 4 Rec's for 73 yards and 1 TD. We didn't see much of anything from Jed Weaver and Dwight Clark didn't play due to injury,however,McMichael's play today was enough to give the posistion a grade of A+.

Wide Receiver: A
Chris Chambers had an excellent day as well.This kid is going to be the next Randy Moss,hopefully with a different attitude.Oronde got off a good start in the game but was overshadowed by CC and McMichael's day.

O-Line: B
Ricky had a good day but the blocking wasn't too good,but i didn't see any mistakes by the line at all.They opened up enough holes for Ricky to run through,and it was enough for him to get 111 yards for the day.Jay was on the run a few times,but he didn't get sacked once.This O-Line still needs to get the chemistry working,but it's a start.

D-Line: A
2 sacks by the line today(Rob Burnett and Larry Chester each had 1) and they stopped the run just about all day.

Linebackers: B-
Zach and company were a bit quiet today,but Zach did have 5 tackles,and Morlon Greenwood had 3.

Cornerbacks: B
The corners did an average job of pass coverage today,and blame can be placed on this group for Detroit's 3 TD's(in my opinion) but they did an ok stand in the 1st quarter,but it was an otherwise so-so kinda day.Sam Madison also went out with an ankle injury,and Jamar Fletcher was called for a Pass Interference call.

Safeties: A-
Brock Marion came up with the lone INT of this game,and had 6 tackles.SS Auturo Freeman is an up and coming safety in this league.He's learned from one of the best(Marion).Freeman had 3 tackles and a fumble recovery.

Special Teams: A+
Not a lot of penalties,a fumble recovery(even though Albert Johnson did cough it up),a TD from Trent Gamble,and this group looks to be in a tip top shape.Punt Returning needs a little work,but in time Johnson may not call so many fair catches.Olindo Mare was accurate as usual with Point After kicks,and Mark Royal did some average punting.

Overall: A
da game................

freeman had a few big time hits in this game. i thought he was the lone bright spot in the secondary, even with brocks int. they seemed to not be very agressive today at all.

madison missed a tacckle that he should have wrapped up, then got hurt................... just not a good day in the secondary. lot's of long 3rd downs converted by detroit to!!
The defense gave up a lot of yards. Mainly because they were on the field most of the game. I think the D played great.
I think the D played ok,they did give up some good plays by the Lions but overall,they get a B
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