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my search for our next qb

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Dec 12, 2004
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Yesterday i told some of you guys that i would try to fid out a little bit of info on qb Brad Smith of missouri and here it is .
in 2003 he rushed for 1,046 yds avg was 6.6 yds/carry rushing tds was 16
his passing yds was 1,977 (comp) td/ int was 11/6
in 2004 his numbers were passing 2,185 with a td/int of 17/11 his rushing numbers declined (coaching reasons ) 553 yds 4 tds
total production passing 6,495 and rushing 2,988 and the td/ int was 43/24
and this was from 2003 and 2004 im not sure how to do this , so i hope you guys can make out what i am typing here.
his 2002 season wasnt bad his 2003 was good but his jr season shows a decline becuase coach pinkle was trying to pull a wanny on brad so this season he will be a red shirt senior. sorry if this isnt what you expected but this is what i dug up and i am not sure if anyone is impressed with smith so i will give some comparisons to a couple of other big 12 qbs in few minuets
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