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My take on the season


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Dec 12, 2001
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First off let me say I doubt Miami will lose a step. CB will be their biggest weakness, but their front 7 will put enough preasure on the opossing QB to force many mistakes. Tenn will be their toughest game, but Tenn lost way to many players on D to stop Miami's ground game. I see Tenn losing to the Canes and my upset of the year is Georgia up ending the Voulenteers.

Game of the year is Texas against Oaklahoma. the winner of this game will be the big 12 champ and will earn a trip to the Feista Bowl. I like Texas in that game right now, but would like to see how Simms plays before i trully make a call.

SEC is the best conference, but because they are the best conference no one will make it out with a good enough record to play for the National crown.

Big 10 continues to get worse, but Ohio St looks as though they will bring respect to the conference. Ohio St may actully be a dark horse for the Feista Bowl since their hardest game is against Wash St in Ohio.

I like Washington in the Pac 10, but it doesn't matter because no one outside of the west coast ever sees any games from this division. That is a shame because their will be some great football out there this year.

The Heisman watch looks to be a shoot ou between Dorsey and Grossman, but watch out for Jason White, Jason Gesser, Chris Simms, and a few backs that need a bust out game to be in this discussion.

Feista Bowl Texas vrs Miami
with Oaklahoma, Georgia, and Ohio St being my dark horses.
I think Miami's biggest problem this season will be the offensive line. Dorsey was never touched last year so it will be interesting to see how he fares with a lot more pressure on him.
Miami just was so deep last year. I think they have the athletes to step where they lost players. the biggest loss was Buchanon leaving early, becuase it just desamates the secondary, but i would bet a new star will emerge. On o-line they lost 2 huge players, but i think they have the depth to be ok. Going against Miami's defense every day is the toughest d they see al year, withc will help them improve in a hurry.
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