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My thoughts on the scrimmage..


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Aug 1, 2002
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College Park, Md.
I feared I wouldn't get a chance to watch it, and would instead have to have someone tape it for me..but everything played out fine and I got to see are my thoughts..As always, I'm using a position by position approach to this. Here goes...

QB-Lucas did not look good at all. He throws the ball down the field nicely, but his touch on the short passes is not very good, and I don't think he's doing that great a job of reading the coverages either. Kustok had that one terrible throw but looked decent for the most part. Levcik showed the most out of all the QB's..quick release, rifle arm, and good game management.

RB-They didn't use Ricky a whole lot obviously, but on one run he got through a nice hole and then pushed the pile impressively for a few extra yards. His blocking was excellent as well. I like what I see from Henry too, he's got excellent vision and combines speed and power. He will atleast stick on the practice squad.

FB-Konrad was not impressive by any means. he had that nice grab down to the 5 yard line, but he dropped a pass, and didn't do anything to impress as a blocker. Dyer wasn't used much but we know what he can do as a blocker and reports coming out of camp are that he is making great strides as a receiver. I could definetly see him starting come opening day.

TE-Weaver was okay, Mayes did nothing, and McMichael looked good! Nice to see him grab a few balls, he showed nice athleticism running with the football after the grab, and he really seemed to create space for himself. He also showed pretty good blocking skills, especially in creating a little seem for Kustok down the field when he took off.

WR-Incredible catch by an incredible receiver (Chambers). Albert Johnson also came up with a catch, and of course Hooks made a good looking play. Not too much else...

OL-Brent Smith is not a starting left tackle in this league. The msot he could do against Kearse was push him too far outside so that he needed extra time to get to the QB. NOT an impressive performance. I didn't focus on the line that much, but the rest of the guys did decent, nothing bad, nothing great.

DL-Great stuff! Henry Taylor is making a serious push to make this roster over Earnest Grant. Chester got to the QB in impressive fashion on one occasion, and each of the top 4 ends made a few plays.

LB-Justin Seaverns was quite active and did a nice job. Great closing speed on a tackle he made near the sideline.

CB-Freeman was very impressive as was Surtain. I still am not impressed with Jamar Fletcher, his coverage is decent but he is getting beat underneath.

Overall, this was some quality work against a quality opponent. We obviously need to get better in some areas, but I think we are in good shape considering that this was the 6th day of full squad practice time. It looks like we've found a real quality TE, and it was good to hear that the OL stepped up and played well in practices on Friday against Tennessee..particularly Jamie Nails. Now they just take it from here..
I was going to say the same about Fletcher, but since the whole secondary was just letting Tenn make short catches i didn't. I will give him the benifit of the doubt for at least a couple preseason games. And seriously i think they were watching that blonde in the stands, i would been to so i can't blame them:D
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