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My xmas wish came true!

I would assume Shula will take over as offensive cordinator for the rest of the season. I wonder who will be given the full time job after the season? so now if we can just get rid of Jim Bates I won't mind if we give Dave 1 more season. I just hope he hires some people w/some heart.
What a xmas gift!!!!

i'm so happy... i think i'm gonna cry!!!:cry:

maybe we'll finally see something different on Offense...

thanks for the gift Dajesus... even my family's gift didn't have the effect that news did:p
I hope youre not kidding

My Christmas is even better now.:) This wouldn't of happened if George O'Leary went to Notre Dame, only to leave soon after.:lol:
Maybe O leary will be our next O coord? lol How funny would that be.

Well I am not as excited as you guys, but it will be interesting to see how this affects the Dolphins.

Merry Christmas everyone, Santa brought me an X BOX!!!!! I love it already.
O'Leary is actually a good coach. Maybe he would be a good offensive coordinator.:lol: And I got PS2, I got Madden and was beating on the Bills. Lamar Smith had 280 yards rushing on 19 carries. I wish it was real life.:)
I went to every sports page I could find, and found out he could be named on friday. I would assume he will atleast wait till after the Falcon's game. Georgia Tech said they won't comment about it untill after their bowl game. God I hope they don't find anyone better till then.
Will he be leaving before this season ends????

It will create more of a distraction:mad:

But im glad hes leaving:rolleyes:
it could be a good thing..............

or it could be bad. the only thing i have against chan was his conservative play. on MNF he opened his playbook and killed the colts, i know it was 41-6, but the last touchdown was a gimme. he knew all along we had a week line and he would try to run. might as well run lamar into a brick wall. GOOD RIDDANCE CHAN!
i think lamar is a good back on short yardage situations, but as far as speed, i think he has lost a step. try minor, if somebody could hit the hole quicker, the run might work! :rolleyes:
I would assume he would leave this season. Colleges ususally wouldn't want an nfl guy unless he will leave imeaditly due to recruiting is a 365 day a year issue. I think mike shula will step in on a interim basis, he has a lot of expeirence so i doubt it will affect us that much.
Well ESPN answered my question today he said he would be staying as long as the Dolphins were alive,But that bothers me because he will not put much into the games knowing he has a job waiting and not wanting to jeapordize it he will probably want the fins out in the first round.:fire: :yell: :fire: :yell:

:monkey: on Gailey!
Chan's a professional and will not try to lose, but his problem has been his creativity all along so either he will have a nothing to lose attititude and give up running Lamar in the wall or he will just put in the same 'ol losing game plan that we had the last 2 games. At this point, I would rather see use a run and shoot that the O we had ag. the 9ers and Pats.

Either way Chan only succeeds if the team can run the ball, so bye bye Chan.
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