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N. Turner : Horrible Playcalling....


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Where in the hell was RB R. Williams!!!.....

That's all I want to know.....

We have a 7 point lead, we get in fieldgoal range, and on 3rd and 2, we throw the ball!?!?!?!.....DUH!!

What the hell was N. Turner doing last night???....He must have been drugged by a bunch Bills fans or something.

We never established the run when we could have, and it killed us no doubt. On top of that, R. Lucas looked like dog ****....

No team can win giving up 6 turnovers....

At least nobody was injured, and we've got a bye to let this one burn in deep.

The defense played well enough to easily win this game. N. Tuners offensive game plan sucked, and cost us the game IMO....

Later.... :evil:
I was wondering the same thing. When it was obvious that Lucas was struggling why oh why did Norv keep letting him pass? I mean he fumbled a hand off too but I couldn't believe it was just pass, pass, pass.
Don't even blame this on Norv Turner. RAY LUCAS lost this game himself. Playcalling was fine. Ricky had just inder 100 yards rushing. Ray just threw to Nate Clements more often than our own receivers. RAY SUCKED!!! There is no argument or discussion needed on this, but don't start complaining about the playcalling when wee had 4 turnovers in Buiffalo territory!!!! RAY LUCAS JUST SUCKS!!!! NO EXCUSES!!!
Before we start chewing on Turners a$$...lets look at the facts...

R.Williams was out there, but so was the bills 8 to 9 in a box defense

Look at the Talent Turner had to work with

the 6 Turnovers were not his fault

Overall it wasnt the gameplan that lost us the game, but the talent it was used with.
We were averaging 30 points a game before today, and we called basically the same stuff we had been calling the past six games. The problem was obviously in execution.
I wouldn't blame this loss on Norv Turner but I still wonder why he was calling so many pass plays when Lucas was so obviously struggling. What I don't get is that he seemed to get the time, what did they have, one sack? Lucas just made horrible decisions. I blame it on nerves. I still say he has the talent. I never thought he was a better option over Fiedler but I did believe he would be an adequate replacement while Jay healed up. I still do. We will see.
No matter how you see it Norv isnt the one throwing the ball

You can have WR open all day if you cant throw them the ball your not going to go very far...

6 Turnovers to 0..That was mostly the difference not Norv's play calling...again he isnt the one throwing in double coverage and getting picked off..:goof:
Ya really Norv doesn't throw the ball. still, Ricky Should be in there on 3rd down.
on 3rd down and short maybe
Otherwise no...Wanny wants to keep him fresh for december..:goof:
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