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Nate Ness Interview

It's nice to have some unexpected surprises (in a good way) in camp this year.
He sounds very intelligent.

It's because he got a high quality education at University of Arizona. Bear Down Wildcats! One thing i'll say is that all of the athletes that come out of Arizona are all VERY well spoken, granted, most of them are in the NBA, but if you listen to Channing Frye, Jason Terry, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Bibby, Luke Walton, and Teddy Bruschi is a good example as well, they are all very well spoken and don't do a lot of the um's and ah's. Not sure if it's a coincidence, but it really helps me as an alumni be proud of my schools student athletes!

On Nate Ness, I've been saying since he was signed that he'd make the team. He was such a valuable leader and player for Arizona and he really understands the game as you can hear. He can be very physical, I think he underrated his physicality a little bit, but he's a very solid tackler and he's a gamer. He makes plays when plays need to be made. If, like he said, he can work out his technique a little bit, he'll be on the roster.
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