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Need any help?

Jan 17, 2005
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I dont know... I absolutley love finheaven... I would consider my 2,000 posts somewhat informative.... Usally short and too the point... I LOVE the draft... You can call me somewhat a draft/FA NERD.. Love it... Study it... Write about it... Here are is one of my recent FA threads and one of my recent draft threads....

Free Agency:


I really like to spice things up as you can see...

Anyway I would like to be a Draft Guru or a FA Guru or something... I know its probably not that easy but I am not getting anywhere by not asking... During the draft and FA is when I really get into writing nice, long, informative posts... Not to mention the butterflies and just flat out adrealine rushes when we sign some big name Free Agent and when its our turn to draft... I'm seriously thinking about making a draft - FA wesite as well... Well anyway im done ranting, take me for what im worth... Hopefully you have a free slot for me...
your not gonna become a draft guru by coming out and dissing people of the opinions on your mock...WB3 has warned you and getting warned will never help you be included on the staff on the tos like 5 times over and over again and remember the rules next time. ;)
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