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New Dolphins Unis!

aren't the Bills the ones playing like girls? 3-12, I think you guys should be wearing the skirts
i like ..............

the bills football helmet that jay leno had on tv after their last superbowl loss. it had a kleenex box built into the top!:lol:
Your new uniforms look great, if they were on a girl. Ha ha ha, I hope it ain't too windy out there Sunday.
I really like the Fins new uniform it fits them very well. Apparently many of the Fish fans have started wearing that uniform already.
I'm sure you do like the tutu. You probably have one in red along with your white thigh highs and your blue halter top. I bet you look really cute. :lol: But, don't let your friends find out. :eek: :lol:
i hope................

everyone doesn't believe that is rude americans picture. i have picture of this punk in my mind and that ain't it!:rolleyes:
apparently Sam Madison and Zach Thomas were seen wearing the new Uniforms.

Note : They were also holding hands. What they do on their own time is no one's business but their own!
Jaydog has also been seen wearing them.

Dolphin-you tried try them on too it will match the outfit in your pic
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