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Apr 23, 2005
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hey whats sup everyone, i just wanted to give you guys my personal opinion on the new dolphins and i say new, because well theres a new commander for these soldiers, we already got very good players , but we all know they cant do it by themselves, thats when these new guys come in, the rookies look and i hope will be very good, then you got some good free agents, new coaches, im not into predicting because i always shoot for the playoffs so anything less is not a good season, but you know what will be great, that everyone in the nfl world will doubt the phins, and that makes it better to watch the games, and watch the bandwagon hoppers come along because , thats how the nfl is, they turn there back on you, 49ers and dolphins are the 2 most winning teams in history and they get no respect, point is, i like the new phins........alot.....
great point, the rich and storied past of the 49ers is nothing you can turn your back too, but yet people act like that never happened and called them the new bengals, personally i think that nolan will turn that team around and that crennel will do nothing in cleveland, why? idk, theres something about crennel i dont like as a head coach, kinda hard to explain.
yeah , how they the new bengals, i mean they woooped the bengals butts in the superbowls, but you know how some fans are, i mean how many super bowls have the jets and bills won????? thats right less than us, but some how they are better franchises, common.....thats right didnt the jets go undefeated? in the 70's??? haha dolphins forever my favorate team, but at the same time i show respect where respect is due....
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