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New Miami Dolphins Wall Schedule *Fixed*


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Sep 15, 2003
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Hey everyone,

Last year I introduced you guys to my schedule making abilities and I've got this year's schedule ready. Here it is:


Away team is on the left, Home team is on the right.

week 8 is fixed...sorry for the screwup fellas

Links to download:

PDF file

JPG file

Preseason Schedule PDF (different from regular season schedule)

Enjoy everyone!!

If someone has an additional site to host this, please do...thanks. :)

-Joe :D
thanks for the compliments everyone...much appreciated. enjoy! i wish we could leave this at the top so everyone sees it.
Thanks again, I had them professionally printed 12x18 glossy and they turned out awesome. Your work is much appreciated.
Bonus Preseason Schedule!!

Hey everyone...

I was sitting around bored this afternoon so I decided to make up for my mistake and make a mini preseason schedule to post above your regular season schedule.

I'm having a problem with my site and can't upload. If anyone has a site to host the preseason files, they're small, please PM me asap so I can get the links up. thanks everyone.


-Joe :D
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