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New Mock

Steve S

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Feb 2, 2005
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Trade with Washington we get #'s 9, 25 their 4th and future high picks

1a) Derrick Johnson OLB
1b) Ciatrick Fason RB
2) Luis Castillo DT
3) Andrew Walter QB
4a) Vincent Jackson WR
4b) Travis Daniels DB
5) Ben Wilkerson C
DrAstroZoom said:
Walter won't drop to the third.

I could see him slipping due to the injury and the lack of athleticism. Campbell, Orton and Frye go ahead of him, I think.
Why did you draft Fason ahead of J.J. Arrington? He is the top of the "second-teir" RBs in this draft.
Yeah I agree Fason is not 1st round material and might drop to the 3rd round maybe 4th because of his pedestrian 40 times. Also I think Walter will slip down to 3rd round minimum according to all the big dawgs. Scouts Inc and Kiper say maybe even 4th round. But all in all I'd rather have McPherson. Oh, and we don't need Derrick Johnson. Bad pick and his draft value has been dropping like a rock lately. He can't shed blocks and is a small OLB.
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