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Thats excatly what i think we can beat the bills with our 3rd string MLB!:lol:

Rest him we will need him for our first playoff game;)
Im going to have to take that back..:o thoughts are if Carolina Wins =Start Thomas
Carolina Losses=Rest Thomas
I agree... if The Panthers win, we need to doi averything we possibly can to ensure a victory... We all know the Fins have found a way to blow games before, so we need to ensure the victory. If the Patriots win that game we can't win the division or get the bye, so keep him healthy
Other than the fact that Pat Williams kicked out butts last game he is either hurtin or out, I do not see us easily beating the Bills. Bryson has 2 straight 100 yards games. Take Zach out and you can be sure it will be three. :eek:
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