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Next Year's Draft Choice For Ricky Williams


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May 24, 2002
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My understanding is the Dolphins will give up a 3rd round draft choice to New Orleans if RW gains up to 1200 yards, a 2nd rounder if he gains 1201 to 1500 and a 1st rounder if he gains over 1500. At what point do you think Dave W. would control his yardage by holding him out? I believe he'll happily let him go up to 1450, giving up the 2nd rounder but I don't think he would let him go after that, preventing him from giving up a 1st rounder. I'm curious what others think. This is such a happy thought. I feel confident that if RW is in the 1200+ yards going late into the season, the Dolphins will be 12-4/13-3 for the year. Jay Fiedler's numbers (TD's/Int's) will be greatly improved, too.

This sort of stuff is talked about all the time with regards to bonuses for performance etc. I'd like to think Wanny would let RW get 1,800 yards if possible. I guess it will depend on game situations. I do think we should contol this if possible but if it comes down to winning games, let him run his heart out. If he's at 1,499 and we have 2nd and goal with :30 left in the last game of the season with home field advantage on the line then give him the ball no questions asked. Then again if we have to draft from 23 -32 like we always do there usually is no boanfide studs at that level anyway. I'd be willing to bet more Pro Bowlers have been drafted much later in the draft then picks 21-30 in the 1st round the last 10 years. I'll bet I'm right. Just look at Zach, JTaylor, T. Ruddy, B Cox, B Marion, S Madison. All Pro bowlers in last 5 years and none were picked in the first round. Only 1 in the second (Madison). Then again we could have had R Moss and B Griese so you never know. Instead we got Y Green and J Avery. It's a crap shoot.

I don't think Wanny or Norv will control any of RW's yardage because that goes against everything they want to do. Winning a Super Bowl is the goal, not having a draft pick. They traded for Ricky because they feel he can help them reach their goal.

Maybe if the Dolphins are 13-2 and have the homefield locked up in the AFC for the playoffs and they want to keep Ricky rested and ready for the playoffs, they might be able to play a numbers game, but other than that, I say they don't care what he rushs for. I don't think it's a problem. Ricky will get 25 carries per game if things are going as planned. I also think we'll see him in there on some 3rd downs. I think Minor will come in on 3rd and long situations and as a change of pace back. Ricky is going to get the ball a lot both rushing and receiving.
my feeling is that he will not go over 1500 since if he is close you know we are having a kick ass season; and then Wanne can rest him.
I'm apt to agree. If RW gets more then 1300 yds then he's doing his part. I'd sit him to keep him rested and healthy. It'd not do anyone good if he got injured in the last game of the season.
Thats an interesting note. I wonder if holding Ricky back is in the playbook too! Thats kinda shady though, if they indeed tried to pull one over on New O! I never thought of it that way, and am sure Mueller never fathomed that idea either! But in todays "Its not just a sport, its a business" world, that maybe one of the most ingenius trades ever! Willing to part ways with two first rounders, when most of the other blockbuster RB trades involved 2nd and 3rd rounders was baffling, but if that were the thought process going in, that damn Spielman is a mad scientist! Now that I think more about it, its not that shady at all, more on the cunning side! Hell, with the way New O treated Meuller, Id say do it, pull the trickery, only in the right situations as Crazy stated though!

Go Front Office!
The problem with holding Ricky out and not letting him get as many yds as possible is that he loses bonus money and that may effect his effort in the playoffs. If the FINS hold RW out than I would be willing to bet that Wanny-Speil would have meet with RW and told him you will be taken care of DO NOT pout about this.
If I remember correctly his bonuses start at 1600 yds, right?
Wanny isn't that dishounourable. The only way I see it happening is if they wrap up home field advantage with a game to go or they have a meaningless game at the end of the season. Then I could see him sitting Ricky after a quarter to keep him fresh for the playoffs.
last game isnt meaning less it is the pats a division foe and read on here is what im hoping for
If we have home-field advantage wrapped up after 15 games, I don't think there's really any reason to allow Fiedler, Chambers, and Williams to play the final game.

I think Ricky's going to get over 1200 yards, but over 1500 would be simply AMAZING (I doubt he will get that many yards THIS YEAR).

Imagine where the Jets would be without Curtis Martin. We made a great deal getting Ricky if he keeps improving like he has done each season thus far in the league.
Originally posted by Blitz

I think Ricky's going to get over 1200 yards, but over 1500 would be simply AMAZING (I doubt he will get that many yards THIS YEAR).

Don't be surprised though if he does get over 1500 yards. Norv Turner will beat the crap outta Ricky. He really pushed Tomlinson last year and I think Tomlinson was the most battered rookie ever. He ran the ball 339 times and had another 59 receptions. That's 398 touches and that boy was dead after 7 games.

If Norv runs Ricky the same number of times and posts the same average per carry he had last year (4.0) that's 1356 yards right there. Add Norv's schemes to this and Ricky has a really good shot at 1500+ yards.

I have not looked into this at all. But for the yardage for the draft pick is that total yardage? meaning including receiving or is that just rushing??
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