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Next year's quarterback class prospects...

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...according to Prisco.,1328,5269782,00.html

This should get everybody drooling at the prospect and we're gonna need that first round pick.;)

oh my god. Prisco saying something smart

1. Byron Leftwich, QB, Marshall (Sr.) -- At 6-feet-6 and 235 pounds, Leftwich has a rocket for an arm. He plays in a wide-open system, which helps his numbers, but he's the real thing. The one knock on him might be level of competition. The pass rushers and corners he faces aren't exactly the best. But the NFL loves big-armed quarterbacks. He has that and more.

Leftwich should be #1, at least as of now.
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oh my god. Prisco saying something smart.

Yeah I know, his local newspaper is reporting he spent a week in an oxygen tent while his brain recovered from overload.:lol: :lol: :lol:
Wouldnt it be great to get Corey Redding next year (or a good QB for Fiedler to groom in his final year... there will be quite a few.) We would have the best DL in the NFL with him and then we could cut DG and his huge salary cap bust!
I'm not going to get over-excited about next year's QB class. Even half of the class of '83 was less-than-impressive (Eason, O'Brien, and Blackledge).

I know the QBs who were drafted in '99 in the first-round are still young, but it would be hard to try and argue that McNown and Smith, in particular, are anything but busts. In addition, Culpepper was disappointing last year, and Couch has not lived up to his billing (It's not really fair to compare him to Peyton Manning, who was taken #1 the year before him, but one can't help but do so).
Read my signature, it will tell you my thoughts about the QB that we should take in next years draft. :)
I'm with that selection...

...but if he has a season of similar quality and the Canes repeat as national champions he might become the no. 1 selection and we don't want to earn that pick.:lol:
Ken Dorsey has no shot at the #1 pick in next years draft, unless 5 or 6 other QBs have horrible years! Leftwitch, Ragone, Simms, Palmer, Manning, Clausen, and Grossman all have more ability/arm strenght/intangibles and if they were protected like Dorsey was, would have had the same production.

I don't think Dorsey will be first rounder....but then again at this time last year David Carr wasn't exactly my #1 QB prospect.
Simms hasn't done jack squat to get the recognition he gets. The only reason he is a top prospect to the media is because he is Phil's boy. The guy has never played well in a big game in his life. He locks onto his primary target. He doesn't have that ability to elevate the level of play around him. He's a slug, IMO, and a highly, highly overrated prospect right now. He was dubbed the Golden Boy when he was recruited, and the media still wants to portray him as that.

The ONLY QB I've seen that is franchise material, IMO, is Eli Manning. Fundamentals, performance, talent, intangibles....this guy is the complete package. There is no mechanical flaw to his game. He reads the defense quicker and better than any other college QB. He's got a good arm and can put the ball into tight spots. He's almost a mirror image of his brother, except Eli has a stronger arm and quicker feet.

Byron Leftwhich is a talent, but he has some things he needs to work on. He throws flat footed. That's allright for college, but that will hurt him in the NFL. You have to have some bounce in your step. He's got a big time arm and has played in a pass oriented offense. He's got the accuracy. I think he needs to shorten his release some and work on his footwork though.

Dave Ragone is a good one as well. He's big and mobile with a good arm.

Jason Thomas? Glorified running back.

Chris Simms? He's trash.

Carson Palmer? Wasted talent. This kid has great ability, but it seems his head is off in Never Never land most of the time. He hasn't fulfilled his promise yet, and there is no reason to think he will at this point. A great senior year could change that outlook, because he has talent.

Ken Dorsey? A 6-5 Steve Walsh.

Rex Grossman is another QB I like, though he too has a lot of fundmental things he needs to work on. He throws off his back foot too much. He doesn't set his feet a lot when he throws. Needs to learn to be a conventional QB and get out of that Spurrier ideal QB mode.
Again with Dorsey?? This guy is built like my 105 pound fiance' and will be snapped in half with one good shot from a true NFL calibre defender. Unless he puts on about 30 pounds- which won't happen unless he's juicing- he will be taking somewhere on day two of the draft next year.

I'm actually hoping that McNown shows some 1st round talent this offseason so we can have him as the QB of the future. This will then allow Wanny & Co. to take an excellent D-tackle with their first pick. I should be interesting next year though. :)
Dorsey has the abilities of a first rounder, you guys can knock on his weight all you want, but it won't hold him back. He will probably gain a few pounds, and he will get sacked in the NFL, but look at all of those skinny WRs out there. I know they don't get tackled by defensive linemen but they can still get hit hard and they get through it.
If we go defense, then it should be a linebacker. There are 3 guys that everyone should watch this year at the linebacker position:

1. Bradie James OLB 6-2 230 Louisiana State -- Much, much better prospect than Trev Faulk. Faulk had 119 total tackles, but only 36 of them were solo tackles, and he only made 5 tackles for loss. Bradie James had 113 tackles, 78 of them were solo. He also has had 8 sacks in the past two years and is consistently making plays behind the line, though I don't have the exact number for his TFLs. Best linebacker in the SEC.

2. D.J. Williams OLB 6-2 240 Miami -- Excellent athlete that has taken well to the linebacker position after playing FB for a year. Has good size and is very fast. Still in the learning process, but a big time prospect.

3. Jonathan Vilma ILB 6-2 220 Miami -- This guy makes hits that remind me of Michael Barrow when he played at Miami. Right now, he is at about the same size Ray Lewis was when he came out of Miami. Lewis may be the player he is most similar to.

Clifton Smith from Syracuse is a guy I want to watch this year. He was Morlon Greenwood's teammate in high school and at Syracuse. He's been a starter for the last two years at MLB. Goes about 6-2 250 and is supposedly very fast.

I also want to see if Boss Bailey at Georgia will fulfill his promise. He hasn't as of yet.
Dorsey has no arm at all though. His arm strength is no better than Steve Walsh's was. How many times do you have to see Miami receivers have to come back to catch Dorsey's deep passes to understand this?

I can't count how many times Santana Moss had 7 yards of separation on the DB only to have to slow up to catch the ball.

Dorsey is a 3rd round pick at the highest.
Dorsey has good arm strength, and is also a very accurate thrower. Moss is so fast that he always has to slow up to catch the ball, ask the Jets. I heard that during training camp and the mini camps last year, the QBs always threw behind him because he was so fast, but he is a jerk (he almost got into a fight with a Fin!) and won't suceed in the NFL because of his size.
Man, DJ Williams is so freakin awesome.

His High School is in the same division as mine (As was Ken Dorsey's)

I've seen this dude play, oh man, I think he is going to be something special. I would be VERY VERY happy if we landed him.
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