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NFC season predictions


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Sep 29, 2001
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Philadelphia 10-6 Philly lost Trotter which will hurt a lot. He was a machine up the middle. They are also weak at RB. They are average at WR. These are all important positions, and although they are strong everywhere else, they won't win more than 10.
Washington 9-7 This team will surprise some people. Although I don't believe Spurrier's offensive system will work, they have a lot of talent on defense including the best LB corps in the NFL and Marvin Lewis is the new coordinator.
Dallas 8-8 This team had a great draft, and they have a decent defense. They also have a good offensive line, and a good RB in Smith. The WR is ok, but the best question mark is QB. If Hutchinson starts and does well, this team could have a winning record.
New York 5-11 They lost Armstead, Sehorn is overrated, Strahan is angry, Collins is overrated, and the WR corps is just average. The two RBs help because it creates a change of pace, but this team is overrated and it will show. Shockey will perform, however.

NFC North
Green Bay 13-3 Green Bay is strong at a lot of places. The offense is great and Glenn will even do well with Favre, Shroeder is decent and Walker will be good as the third wideout this year before he starts in his second year. Green is a good back, they have good DEs in Johnson and the pass rusher Gbaja-Biamilla. They also have good defensive backs.
Chicago 8-8 This team has a good defense, but their corners aren't great and it could be better with the defensive ends as well. They have a good offense if you forget about the QB, but the QB is very important. Terrell and Booker are both good WRs.
Detroit 5-11 This team will show improvement. Porcher leads a decent pass rush and although this team is way below average, they will still be better than Minnesota. Harrington will start week 14.
Minnesota 4-12 Their defense sucks, the only thing they have going for them is their passing game and they only have one good reciever.

NFC South
Atlanta 10-6 They have a lot of good running backs and a good QB in Vick who will do well. They need a WR, however, but they are hopeful to get one after the June 1st cuts. The defense is decent.
Tampa Bay 9-7 The defense lost Duncan and Donnie Abraham, not great but good players who contributed. The offense sucks, all it has is Keyshawn. Pittman is a below average starter and they suck at QB.
New Orleans 6-10 They had many key losses this season in Johnson, Glover, Roaf and Williams, but they still have Brooks, Horn, Knight, and have added Stallworth. They are in a rebuilding stage, but it should end soon because they have some good talent already on their roster.
Carolina 3-13 Now they have a good defensive end and a good running back, but they are still the worst team in the league.

NFC West
St. Louis 13-3 Their only weakness is the offensive line, but their running backs are good enough. They are still going to be great.
San Francisco 11-5 This team has a great offense and a good defense with a pretty good secondary. Expect a breakout year from Andre Carter, who should get 10 sacks,
Arizona 7-9 They aren't that bad, but this division is a very tough one.
Seattle 7-9 Same as Arizona, although this team is better than Arizona. They will tie for last in the strongest division in the NFL.
Just some wild guesses:

* = Wildcard

NFC East

Philadelphia 12-4
New York 7-9
Dallas 7-9
Washington 7-9

NFC North

Green Bay 12-4
Chicago 11-5 *
Minnesota 6-10
Detroit 5-11

NFC South

Atlanta 10-6
Tampa Bay 9-7
New Orleans 6-10
Carolina 4-12

NFC West

St. Louis 15-1
San Francisco 13-3 *
Seattle 8-8
Arizona 2-14 (Someone has to be the worst)
Do you really think Green Bay will be 12-4 with one good receiver? And Dallas with a losing record. I dont think St. Louis will be 15-1, I wouldnt say they improved this offseason.
Otherwise I like these picks.
GB will be good because they have a good defense, and a great offense as well. They have Shroeder who every year falls about 10 yards short of 1,000, Glenn, and first rounder Javon Walker who will be a good third wideout.
Redskins D

The Redskins D line is a little week, with an aging Bruce Smith and Marco Coleman at end and their only real DT is Big Daddy. But man, there defense is going to be scary. They have the best LB core (although there is concern about armstead's health) and They have the best Corners in the league, better than even ours. I'd love to start a debate here but frankly if I had to pick one guy to have on my team, I'd choose Champ Baily over Sam Madison. Surtain is better than Smoot, at least for now, but In the tie breaking vote, I'd have to say Darrell Green is better than Jamar Fletcher. As I was writing this the thought just occured to me. Instead of drafting Fletcher last year, we could of drafted Fred Smoot. I've seen Smoot play and I must say he has as much potential as any corner I've ever seen. He had a much bigger year last year than Champ did his rookie year.
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