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Dec 23, 2004
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I'm not sure if it's been posted....merge if so, but I thought it was interesting

Since there were three running backs taken in the top five of the draft ( Ronnie Brown, Miami; Cedric Benson, Chicago; and Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay) which one has the chance to make the most impact?

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All three should have a good opportunity to make a significant impact, if only because of where they were chosen. When a team invests a top-five draft pick -- and the lofty signing bonus that goes with it -- in a running back, it is a given that he will immediately assume a featured a role … provided he is healthy. Running back careers generally don't last long enough to allow for a developmental period.

I would expect Brown to be the most productive of the three :D because with uncertainty at quarterback :( , the Dolphins need him to carry the bulk of their offensive load. He is powerful enough to fill a workhorse role and also possesses the explosiveness and receiving skills to stay on the field in a variety of situations.

Benson is a power-oriented runner that the Bears would figure to complement with Thomas Jones, who has the speed to get outside and can catch the ball well out of the backfield.

Williams will have a chance to be a major contributor to the Buccaneers as a rookie. However, coach Jon Gruden likes to use running backs as part of a multi-faceted attack that emphasizes the creation of mismatches all over the field and spreads the production to several different players.
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