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Well which record do you think is more of a fluke? 4 different Jet teams (including 3 different head coaches) beating 4 different Dolphins teams (including 2 different head coaches) 8 times...or the fact that Miami hasn't lost a September home game in 9 years?

Given the heat/humidity that comes with September home games, I think that the Jets record of 8 straight is bound to be the bigger fluke. No, the Jets don't practice amid icebergs. No team does. Yes, the Jets played in 100 degree weather against the Bills up in Buffalo. Whats the X factor? The sweltering humidity. It changes the face of the game seriously. Otherwise Arizona would probably have as big a September home advantage as the Phins do.

I can't WAIT to see Mark Cannizzaro eat his own words.
I've got a question, more like a concern actually. Isn't putting all of our we-win-'cause's into the humidity basket a bit risky? If those damn jests get us spread out and running to catch up, won't the humidity work against us as well? I've never been to Miami, but what humidity we have around here is never easy to get used to no matter how long it lasts. If it's humid, EVERYONE craps out.

Just a thought but no matter. New year, new team, new streak, Dolphins win.....
True, but if you live there, and practice in it every day, you get used to it, at least more used to it then the other team does. Otherwise, we wouldn't even have a September winning streak......
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