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Nov 19, 2001
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Wow, Mr. Pat Kirwan forgot about who may arguably may be the steal of the 2002 draft, Randy "Showtime" McMichael. My feelings are hurt :cry:

First-round starters (8) -- QB David Carr, Houston; DT Anthony Weaver, Baltimore; DE Julius Peppers, Carolina; S Roy Williams, Dallas; G Kendall Simmons, Pittsburgh; WR Donte Stallworth, New Orleans; TE Jeremy Shockey, N.Y. Giants; LB Napoleon Harris, Oakland.
Second-round starters (7) -- S Ed Reed, Baltimore; WR Antonio Bryant, Dallas**; G Andre Gurode, Dallas; DT Larry Tripplett, Indianapolis; G LeCharles Bentley, New Orleans; T Chester Pitts, Houston**; G Toniu Fonoti, San Diego.
Third-round starters (4) -- S Willie Offord, Minnesota; S Coy Wire, Buffalo; LB Ben Leber, San Diego; G Fred Weary, Houston.
Fourth-round starters -- None
Fifth-round starters (1) -- FB Jarrod Baxter, Houston.
Sixth-round starters -- None
Seventh-round starters -- None
Undrafted starters -- None
** starting because of injury.
This guy should be writing for a local sports section somewhere. He is a complete idiot!!!!
What an idiot... all he has to do is look back to week one's ROOKIE OF THE WEEK!!!! how could he miss him?!! the rookie that got the most attention in week one.. he leaves out...
can't we email them??
I just went and emailed they have a section where you can send complaints or praise or comments on articles and all kinds of stuff, so I pointed out how this writer missed the rookie of the week in his article.
Nevertheless, this is still inexcusable! At least we're #2 in the power rankings (and we'll be #1 after we show that we can 0wn the patsies).
someone should email this to McMicheal that way at the end of the season when hes rookie of the year.....he can correct him.
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