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Why don't you post your rankings on this board and let's see how many agree with it?
WCF why is it you post 9.49 threads a day at the bills board and only 2.61 on this? Isn't this suppose to be your home?
Im not sold on the bills being ahead of us when theyre still in second place behind us.
I think Vic Carucci, who admittedly is a Bills homer (having worked for years at the Buffalo News), may have been thinking of Miami's abilities without Jay Fiedler. It's pretty clear now that the Dolphins are a different team without him (and starting quality WRs) than with him. That might change over the next few weeks, but Carucci has a right to say "prove it." If power rankings are done to assist betters, then they have to take into account injuries and the present condition of the team.
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