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NFL Lockout in 2007? Mara says "its very very possible"


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Feb 8, 2005
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Bloomfield NJ
was reading local paper today and MAra , owner of the Giants ,said a lockout in 2007 could be more of a reality than some think. apparently CBA runs out in 07 if i remember correct and that would make EVERY player a free agent. Apparently the sides have not gotten together yet to make a proposal to fix this problem...Imagine the state of sports if there is no NFL!
It would be an absolute NIGHTMERE if they can't get an extension by then. With that said, I think unlike Hockey, they will get something done. Tagliabue just recently schedule a bunch of meetings with the one and only topic being the CBA.
All hell will brake loose if there's an NFL lockout....What would we do without our NFL fix???
You heard it here...the ownership has such a stranglehold on the players association that there will be no lockout in my opinion.
I dont worry at all at this situation. NFL is one of the most popular sport in the country and they wont take that away form us. If they do, all hell will break lose every where.
Isnt Wellington Mara going senile.?...seems to me he has been around forever.....there is NO WAY the NFL would strike......they better not...I
can't imagine no football. :cry:
Remember though guys, it has happened before, Although I too doubt it would happen again. The sport just wasn't as popular as it is now.
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