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***** NFL Maps - For the game in your area *****

Yeah.....I love looking at these maps even though I always get the Dolphins in WPB.

I remember last year I was constantly checking these out. Unfortunatley we have two bills homers Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker that game. Last year the 2nd bills game gus was screaming like a girl when T.O pushed off to get by VD. Wanted to jump through the TV and punch him.
Such bullcrap. Almost the entire state of NY gets the game, but NYC gets the stupid Patriots.
Holy poo, thank you CBS for giving me the Dolphins game in Orlando, despite the fact that the Bucs and Jags are playing at the same time! Times have changed!
Haha! I live 15 minutes from the stadium and look at them as well. Releaved that Im not the only one
Wow....Bengals/Patriots over Bills/Dolphins in the NYC market? If we complain can we get it? It's two of the Jets' rivals. Last year we had 7 Dolphin games here, so there will prob be more.
Another game where I get to listen to Gus Johnson unnecessarily shout and make funny noises when he's talking.

I used to like him but his shtick has gotten very old very quickly.
Awesome.. another day of watching bull**** streams.
For me its another early sunday at the bar. I hate living on the west coast sometimes. I medan do you grab a beer on sunday morning at 10 am?? Really??
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