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May 18, 2004
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New Jersey
I was wondering ,with all the debate on who to take, what position out of RB,QB,WR has the most First rounders starting there. I did a ton of research and thought I would share........

BUF-Losman 1st, Mcgahee 1st, Moulds 1st, Evans 1st
MIA-Feeley 5th, Morris 5th, Chambers 2nd, Booker 3rd
NE- Brady 6th, Dillion 2nd, Branch 2nd, Terrell 1st
NYJ-Pennington 1st, Martin 2nd, Coles 3rd, Mcarrens 4th
DAL-Bledsoe 1st, Jones 3rd, Glenn 1st, Johnson 1st
NYG-Manning 1st, Barber 2nd, Toomer 2nd, Burress 1st
PHI-Mcnabb 1st, Westbrook 3rd, Mitchell 1st, Owens 3rd
WAS-Ramsey 1st, Portis 2nd, Moss 1st, Gardner 1st
BAL-Boller 1st,Lewis 1st, Mason 4th, Johnson 2nd
CIN-Palmer 1st, Johnson 4th, Johnson 2nd, Warrick 1st
CLE-Dilfer 1st, Suggs 4th, Bryant 2nd, Morgan 1st
PIT-Rolesthberger 1st, Staley 3rd, , Ward 3rd, Randel el 2nd
CHI-Grossman 1st, Jones 1st, Gage 5th, Muhammed 2nd
DET-Harrington 1st, Jones 1st, Williams 1st, Rodgers 1st
GB-Farve 2nd, Green 3rd, Walker 1st, Driver 7th
MIN-Culpepper 1st, Bennett 1st, Burlson 3rd, Robinson 4th
HOU-Carr 1st, Davis 3rd, Johnson 1st, Gaffney 1st
IND-Manning 1st, James 1st, Wayne 1st, Harrison 1st
JAX-Leftwich 1st, Taylor 1st, Williams 1st, Smith 1st
TEN-Mcnair 1st, Brown 3rd, Calico 2nd, Bennett Na
ATL-Vick 1st, Duckett 1st,Price 2nd, Jenkins 6th
CAR-Delhomme NA, Davis 4th, Colbert 2nd, Smith 3rd
NO- Brooks 4th, Mcallister 1st, Stallworth 1st, Horn 5th
TAM-Griese 3rd, Pittman 4th, Clayton 1st, Galloway 1st
DEN-Plummer 2nd, Bell 2nd, Lelie 1st, Smith NA
KC- Green 8th, Holmes NA, Hall 5th, Morton 1st
OAK-Collins 1st, Jordan 2nd, Porter 2nd, Moss 1st
SD- Brees 2nd, Tomlinson 1st, Mccardel 12th, Caldwell 2nd
ARI-Warner NA, Hambrick NA, Fitgerald 1st, Boldin 2nd
STL-Bulger 6th, Jackson 1st, Holt 1st, Bruce 2nd
SF- Rattay 7th, Barlow 3rd, Woods 1st, lloyd 4th
SEA-Hasselback 6th, Alexander 1st, Robinson 1st, Jackson 3rd

QB-First Rounders 19, Other 13= 59% 1st Rounder
RB-First Rounders 12, Other 20= 38% 1st Rounder
WR-First Rounders 30, Other 34= 47% 1st Rounder

Not that Im saying this means much but I found it kind of interesting. Just thought I would share this.
Yeah good post. It just proves that you can find gold anywhere in the draft.
M3590NJ973 said:
Good post. I didnt know that Hasselback was a 6th rounder.

yeah Green Bay drafted him not Seattle, why would GB draft a QB high ya kno they got Brett Farve so yeah
JAcK o D1AmonDs said:
yeah Green Bay drafted him not Seattle, why would GB draft a QB high ya kno they got Brett Farve so yeah
Oh yeah, I completly forgot about that.
Great post. It seems to me that QB's seem to get more chances as a first round pick, and that people will reach for QB's on the off chance that they pan out. I wouldn't be surprised to see Frye go in the first round and McPherson in the early second because of it.
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