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NFL replacement players making it big

Predaphin said:
I don't know if you guys remember QB Steve Bono from the Chiefs, he was a scab and went on to be a starter at some point.

I may be wrong but I believe QB Elvis Grbac was a scab.

Also, I believe LT was the only NFL player who crossed the picket line and played regardelsss of the strike....I was about 10 yrs old when it happened.

I know QB Steve Bono was a scab for sure....but that's the only one I can remember for sure that was a scab.

Jim Zorn and Steve Largent crossed the lines as well.
I definitely remember Steve Bono quarterbacking the Steelers during the 3 scab games. As an 'SC alum I was hardly surprised a Bruin crossed the line.

From a gambling standpoint I remember winning handsomely on the 49ers over the Giants in a Monday Night replacement game. George Young had some union background in his family and hardly embraced the idea of hiring scab players. He just went out at the last minute and signed a New Jersey semi-pro team, or something like that. Meanwhile, the 49ers had prepared for the strike possibility for months. I'm almost positive they went 3-0 in the replacement games.

That Monday Night game was supposed to be a celebrated rematch of the Giants' 49-3 embarrassment of the 49ers in the '86 playoffs. ABC hyped the game and was ticked when it fell during the strike weeks.

There have been 2 or 3 threads here in recent months regarding the wishbone in the NFL. The only time I've ever seen the pure wishbone in the NFL was during that 49er/Giant scab game. Bill Walsh stuck in a backup black QB late in the game and he ran the 'bone to perfection, including a TD drive that capped off the high scoring rout. I'll never forget Bill Walsh holding up his hands almost in apologetic fashion after Parcells looked at him in disbelief while the 49ers were running the wishbone vs. his outmanned ragtag crew.
I believe Liffort Hobley (Safety) was a scab, and played for a few seasons with Miami. Also thinking that Scott Schwedes (WR), or Fred Banks (WR), may have been also. Could be wrong though. Just remember the Dolphin scab team beating the Chief scab team, like 45-7, 42-7, or 42-0. Anyways it made a 12 year old kid happy at the time.
Sorry... I can't help myself. When you mention replacements and football in the same sentence, I get this picture in my head:

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