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Aug 5, 2005
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Hello fellow Fin fans.

I know this comes up now and again about getting sunday ticket or streaming this or that.
I just wanted to share an experience I had on the phone.

Long story short. Work made an offer I could not refuse. But I had to move from new York to Boston. Didn't have a lot of time before school starts for the kids. So we settled on a place to rent while we look for longer term plans. Anyhow, I had to cancel direct tv and because we were moving and the landlord said no receivers on his properity. Well he said roof i added property. I went online for the streaming package and I was not elidgeable. So bummed out. I called direct tv to see what they could do. Told her my sob story of not being able to put a dish up. She said NP. for 50 dollars a month for 6 months I could have the streaming service.
This did not require any proof or anything.

Thought I would share. FinsUP


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Mar 23, 2009
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If you had a Sunday Ticket account last year but have moved to a new location this year you still qualify for the Sundayticet.TV (streaming service). You just need to you previous account info. However, I was under the impression it was $199.00 ($50 for four months) instead of $$299. You might want to check to see if you could get the cheaper price or what all comes with the $$299 price option? For example it might include NFL Game Pass, which normally runs $99 and includes live preseason games, which SUnday Ticket alone does not.
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