Nfl's Attorneys Allege Widespread Fraud In Concussion Settlement

Discussion in 'General NFL Forum' started by NJ Dolphan, May 4, 2018.

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    I've litigated personal injury cases on both sides, but obviously nothing this big. Still, this looks very, very bad for a large group of players making claims from the settlement funds, their doctors and their attorneys. I can't speak for medical ethics, but some of the players' attorneys should be disbarred if what the NFL's lawyers are alleging is true, and there's a very good chance that it is.

    Some examples include, telling players to show up drunk and on valium to examinations so as to appear to be more convincing as having permanent brain damage. Having a pediatric neurologist make diagnoses of alzheimers for ex-players in their 30s, and that 75 percent of her diagnoses were for early onset alzheimers. One of the doctors actually sent back reports that showed identical vital signs for 21 different patients, which apparently is close to statistically impossible. There are also texts among players and and others telling them how to "beat" neuropsychological tests.

    Pretty damning stuff.

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