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Nice Article about Ronnie


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During Miami's rookie minicamps, the Dolphins had him all over the field -- even in special teams drills.
"Ronnie Brown was very good in this camp," Saban said on the final day. "He is a very bright guy, very smart. He was able to pick things up at several positions. He caught the ball well and ran it well. He's got pretty good instincts and vision as a runner. We were very pleased with what he did."

It's hard to argue with anything Brown has done since becoming a Dolphin. He's looking forward to realizing his dream of being a starting tailback -- the guy who carries the load. But when the subject of a possible Ricky Williams comeback is brought up, he didn't offer an objection and even said he would look to learn something -- presumably about football only -- from the estranged Miami running back.

Negotiations on a contract aren't likely to reach the serious stage until July, when the start of training camp is on the horizon. But both he and agent Todd France have said their eager to get a deal done to get him in on time.

Brown will get his chance to prove his doubters -- the ones who wonder how a guy who wasn't the starter in college could be the No. 2 pick -- were wrong once the season starts. But until then, there isn't anything about him that suggests he can't handle the pressure of the moment, or the potential fame and financial success that awaits him.
Very good article. Im looking forward to seeing this kid do it all.
Thanks, Nub. I had been waiting to hear Ronnie react to "Ricky's returning" rumbles.
Ronnie is a class act, as well as being awesome potential.
"F" Ricky. I say we trade the jerk and put the ball in Brown's hands. We have Kay Jay and Gordon to back up... we don't need the Pot Head.
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