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Nice article on Crowder

Crowder was also involved in the fight with pi kapp at the fraternity house. I think his character issues will be fine and once he gets disciplined he will excel on and off the field.
fishypete said:
It's more than that....he and a couple teammates cause damage to eight cost Crowder money and a one game suspension. He was later arrested for that so-called fight...when he and other player jumped a fellow student outside a bar...causing injury...he was supervised probation for 6 months...then again he was arrested for disorderly conduct outside that same bar...was ordered by police to leave but instead started arguing with another person...ran into the street and caused traffic to stop...when the police tried to arrest him he ran down the street into another parking lot..he was charged with disorderly conduct again...sentenced to more community service and missed playing in another game. High character?

The first case was thrown out. The second two were separate incidents at the same night-club. Just don't let the guy go there. He got into one bar fight, and the second was a probation violation (for going to the night club, not for fighting- the other guy was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest).

I don't like how you, consistently, take a hint of negativity towards a player and harp on it as loud and as often as you can. It's almost as if you are purposely looking to poke a pointy stick in our ribs. It is annoying, yet sort of funny. When has High Character ever taken priority over superior athletic ability and football production? It may cost them a few dollars and drop a couple of picks, but I'd warrant that it was Crowder's knees that put him in the 3rd round, not a couple of bar fights.
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