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Nice Dolphins website I found

I love his thinking too...

heck Gonzalez and Bibla, but Pig Prather isn't going to fall that far.

I am kinda glad that we are rcognizing our weakness at the outside linebacker position! Derrick Rogers MUST improve! I would love to see an upgrade here! ZACH can't make all the plays and Greeny will get better with a year under his belt, Zach needs some help and Mr. Rogers isn't cutting it!! He needs to go and find his new neighbor!! THE BENCH!!!!!!!
I agree with you on Rodgers Phinmaster.
The only thing is the timing.
We don't have the draft picks this year to get that guy, plus it is a down year for LB's.
There are some FA's out there, but, we honestly do not have the cap money for any of these guys.
I hope we can get a decent year out of him this year, and then next year,look to upgrade.
If we could get an upgrade over Rodgers (next years draft, we take a QB first and an OLB second in my mind) then we would have a strong LB corps because I think Greenwood will be very good this year.
good analysis, but here are some corrections to his depth chart:

OLB Greenwood/Hendricks
ILB Thomas/Russell


OLB Greenwood/Russell
ILB Thomas/Hendricks

this one is a bit gray, but I would think:

LG Dixon/Perry
RG Searcy/Nails


LG Dixon/Nails
RG Perry/Searcy

Wanne has said:

DE Taylor/Ogunley
DT Bowens/Grant
DT Gardner/Chester
DE Bowens/Wallace


DE Taylor/Ogunley
DT Bowens/Grant
DT Chester/Haley
DE Gardener/Bowens/Wallace
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