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Nickname Contest: The Top 50 Entries!!


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Jan 27, 2002
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After further review by my staff.......I have the list of the TOP 50 NICNAME ENTRIES. This list is numbered in random has no bearing at all on any way on predicting the winner and runner-ups.

I will be announcing the winner and the runner-ups this SUNDAY NIGHT..... here are some pretty good nicknames...with their originators of course!!

1. Jim "Master" Bates (MUCK)
2. "Shutdown" Sam Madison (ICE BLIZZARD)
3. Ricky "Dont lose that fumble" Williams (INFINSIBLE)
4. Jed "Basket" Weaver (INFINSIBLE)
5. Pat "Dr. Pain" Surtain (INFINSIBLE)
6. Chris "Execution" Chambers (WEST COAST FIN)
7.Jeff "Fumbles" Ogden (WEST COAST FIN)
8. Robert "Mr. Sandman" Edwards (WEST COAST FIN)
9. James "McDrops" Mcknight (DOLPHAN 39)
10. Jay "22 win Cy YOung Award" Fiedler (SKIPPYFINS)
11. Chris "the torcher" Chambers (RELIVE 1972)
12. Jay "the Qb elf from KEEBLER" Fiedler (SPRBWL2003)
13. JASON and ZACH...(Brothers in law with "Crack") (SPRBWL)
14. Tim "Butt-stains" RUDDY (OZZY)
15. Ed "lucky to long-snap" PERRY (BOBBY HUMPHREY)
16. David "No Relation" Bowens (BOBBY HUMPHREY)
17. Travis "Double" MInor (BOBBY HUMPHREY)
18. Mark "I always need a fixin" Dixon (TED DANSON)
19. Jason Taylor...aka "JT the BRICK" (TED DANSON)
20. Mark "Royal Flush" Royals (PHINSIGATOR)
21. JAMIE "Pounds" Nails (PHINSIGATOR)
22. Seth "Lord" Mckinney (PHINSIGATOR)
23. Tim "Flap-jack" Ruddy (SWS84)
24. Omare "feeling a little" Lowe (PHINSIGATOR)
25. Larry "Uncle Fester" Chester (PHINSIGATOR)
26. Omar Lowe "Blow" (PHINSIGATOR)
27. Greg "the Jerman Shepherd" Jerman (PHINSIGATOR)
28. Ernest "goverment pell" Grant (PHINSIGATOR)
29. Scott "Safe-sex..Trojan" Shields (BIG DOUG)
30. Mike "thanks for" Shula (BOBBY HUMPHREY)
31. Deon "the tractor tire" Dyer (WEST COAST FIN)
32. Travis "Mighty Mouse" Minor (1 FIERCE FIN)
33. Leon "no mercy" Searcy (1 FIERCE FIN)
34. Todd "Blockade" Wade (1 FIERCE FIN)
35. Sam "Dolly" Madison (DFAN4MIAMI)
36. Brock "not the MARION kind" (DFAN4MIAMI)
38. Jed "Bob and" Weaver (DFAN4MIAMI)
39. Alonzo "gets injured every" Mayes (JAXDOLFAN)
40. Alonzo "Last Days" Mayes (PHINSIGATOR)
41. Rob "I don't act or look like Carol" Burnett (CK PARROT)
42. Rob "My Russian" Kon-rad (ARKANSAS DOLFAN2)
43. Randy "Air" Mcmichael (PHINSIGATOR)
44. Tommy "Hit Man Hearns" Hendricks (PHINSIGATOR)
45. Travis "looks like a" Minor (WEST COAST FIN)
46. Rob "last year, I got CHAND" Konrad (QUEBECFINSFAN)
47. Moron "MARLEY" Greenwood (PHINSIGATOR)
48. Marlon "is back playing in his own" Barnes (REGANULISKI)
50. "The Kon-Man" Rob Konrad (PHINPHANBO)

DCH's entry.. (though ineligible)

DERRICK "I don't Belief....I just hit KAREEF" ROGERS

I would like to thank all for participating....I realize that there were many other nicknames that could have been on this final list...but were not chosen.....but they all were thank you. I have a list of all the names....and will probably be using them in my posts...and it will be in tribute for your originations.

Like I stated.....I will be Announcing the winner and the runner-ups this Sunday Night... and I will be E-mailing the forthcoming winners appropriately to discuss their prizes and shipping. Thank you all for playing.....see you next year.

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