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No Smack - Great Game


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Jan 9, 2002
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Just a few thoughts guys.

It was a hard fought game. For a while you had me (and I'm sure a few other Ravens fans) scared that you were gonna pull out a "Ravens win", where you get dominated the whole game, keep the score close, and then pull it out in the end. Starks really worries me. McKnight had him beat badly. If he catches that ball for a TD, and your D could hold for a 3 and out, you'd have a shot at tying the game.

Not to say I'm disappointed with the results. It's nice that we'll have a well rested defense and a committee of RBs to go into Pittsburgh with.

Great game guys. And more importantly, thanks to all of you for being cordial fans. I know so many of us over at the Ravens board when some of you came really appreciated that you came over with class, and thank you all for treating myself and all the other Ravens fans who came here with class.

Here's to meeting in the AFC Championship next year (though I think we'll have a tougher time as we're a bit more cap-strapped than you are!). :cool:

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