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Not a Rumor just a thought.


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Mar 26, 2005
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I was just Browsing on a forum and i saw a Buchanan thread. Everyone was bashing the Raiders for trading him and one of their fans mentioned "who cares about Buchanan we'll just trade one of the picks we got for him for Surtain"

Just a possible scenario that was interesting. Thought i would pass it along.:wink:
This isn't a rumor or anything just a fans thought on what could happen.

If it did go down we could get both of those picks. The raiders were just moving a disgruntled player and would probably be happy to get a great player like Surtain.
Al Davis isn't too afraid to invest in older players too. In my opinion, we should flood Raiders boards with this so it hits the street and somehow the Raiders get the idea into their heads. It would work great for us.
Haha good idea, I bet by Thursday we'll be hearing Chris Mortensen on ESPN saying there's a 50/50 chance the Dolphins deal Surtain to the Raiders for their 2nd and 3rd rounder acquired from the Buchanan trade.
if Buchanon will go anywhere, it will be Washington!
maybe this will start a vicious bidding war between Oakland and KC (lol, I almost typoed and wrote kFc) for Surtain and we win out. Again, pure speculation on my part, but since they ARE division rivals and we KNOW KC wants him, if OAK jumps in to try and get him we can only benifit from the little "offers war" that might ensue, cuz I bet they both FEAR Pat and that's why they want him so bad. Neither of them wants to play against him, especially in a division game, so let the bidding begin..............
If I was oak, I'd at least bluff myself into the bidding war. The more KC gives up to take him, the more it helps oak, even if pat becomes a chief.
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