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Notes from Sat


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Dec 12, 2001
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First off let me say if the Heisman doesn't go to a RB this season the trophy will be tarnished. The front runners have to be Clarret from Ohio St, Maghahe from UM, and Jones or Suggs from VT(flip a coin).

Everyone has to take notice what Clairett is doing in Buckeye land. This true freshman has 6 tds and nearly 500 yards in his first 3 games in college ball. If the Heiman was given away today this kid would have to be the man. Has a freshman ever won the Heisman? Dispite his sucsess it is almost a shame what they are doing to this kid in Ohio. As i Said before he is a freshman and he has touched the ball 80 times already. If they aren't carefull they will run this kid out by his sophmore season. A rb isn't like a QB who needs the game time expeirence. Everytime he touches the ball in college means one less carry in the NFL. Jones and Willis are lucky because they have other talented backs on their team to split the carries.

Watching some of the big games this weekend(ND-Mich, Ohio St-Wash ST, Penn St-Nebraska) I couldn't help but notice how far ahead the Hurricanes are from the rest of college football. It is obviously a talent issue, but on top of that UM just doesn't make the stupid mistakes that everyone else makes in college football. The coaching and talent is miles ahead of anyone in the nation. They are closer to watching a pro team than watching a College team.

How can you not take notice of Notre Dame and Penn St? These 2 teams were ridiculed every day last season about being programs in decline. Well Joe P was reborn and it seems Ty Willingham is a very very good coach because both these teams are in the BCS watch only 1 season after losing seasons.

To close just let me say please don't give the Heisman to a QB! They have been the only players in the running the last couple years, but this is the year of the RB, or maybe WR if Bolden from Fla St keeps making circus catches and Fla St keeps winning.
The Heisman will never go to a freshman, I don't think it has ever even gone to a sophmore. I think Clarett would deserve it the most if it were to be given out now, but he wouldn't win it, it is too early to decide the Heisman.
Damn i am smart! If you notice in this thread i was talking about how Ohio St needs to not give Clarett so many carries since he is only a freshman, and they will need him down the line. Well today Ohio St anounced that he will have knee surgery and will likely miss Sat's game. Morons!
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