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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Everyone take a deep breath count to 3 and then breath. This is one game not a preminishin on what is to come. We had a bad week against a very good offense on the road. No one expected the Dolphins to go 17-0, and this won't be their only loss, but i would bet this will be one of a very few. I was actully pleased with the effort. That may sound silly, but look at the score of the game we lost last year. Their were only 2 of the games that we were actully in at any point last year. We choked in KC, but they kept it interesting and kept fighting till near the end of the 4th quarter. That is a big difference from the group of quitters that took the feild in the 5 losses last year. Make no mistake about it the Cheifs played a perfect game today, as the Lions showed it can happen to any team in any game, and the Dolphins just didn't have their A game. With all the talk about how good they have been and how RW is taking this team to the next level it will probably end up being a good thing that Trent Green popped a few over inflated egos. Now they can go back to playing football the week before the SB champs come to town.
Any given Sunday, right? We did witness it during the Super Bowl last year, so I think we should all realize that even the juggernauts can be beaten by a less talented team. Let's lick our wounds, forget about what just happened, and move forward damnit!
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