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Now Players to Watch for on Defense?!?


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Mar 16, 2004
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There is a Thread on players to watch for on who do you think will have a breakout year on Defense? I'll start it off by say Seau still has some gas left and he'll have a hundred tackle year and do pretty good for us if he stays healthy.
I think that Seau had his "breakout" year about a decade ago. I think Spragan has a breakout year this year.
Obvious choices are Crowder and Roth. Personally, I'm gonna be watching JT. With his speed, he may turn into a killer DE/OLB hybrid. Breaking the single-season sack record is not out of the question with his talent.
what about around the league is what im saying, we all know who we can watch for on our team
Tar Phin said:
I think that Seau had his "breakout" year about a decade ago. I think Spragan has a breakout year this year.
Oh haha a decade ago...I meant to say that Seau will surprise and bounce back from the injury last one would expect it.
Bertrand Berry and O-gun will have more of an impact this year
From our team I think that the Safties and Corners will benefit from the pressure we put on the Tillman or Bell, Jones,Madison and Daniels...Carter, Taylor, Thomas, and Seau will be awsome to watch...I just want to see how Roth and Crowder play with the big'll be soo much fun.
Defensively... My top 2 breakout players definatly are...
DeAngelo Hall - CB Atlanta
Dunta Robinson - CB Houston

Both are gunna be absolut studs in the future! Both showed great adjustment to the NFL and are gunna breakout this year. Next year (their third season) they will both be considered "shutdown" corners (if there is such a thing) and will be ranked with the primeir CBs in the league...

I agree with Derrick Pope

I think he is going to be proof that Saban doesn't always get caught up in measurements. I also would like one of the young safeties to shine, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

DE Will Smith - Saints
LB Karlos Dansby - Cardinals
DE Osi Uminyora (sp?) - Giants
DE Bryce Fisher - Seahhawks
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