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Obafemi Ayenbadejo


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Sep 11, 2002
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Call me stupid, but does anyone know if he was picked up by anyone? I haven't heard anything on him since he was cut. I also haven't heard anything on Robert Baker since he was released as well. Anyone have any info on either one of them?

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I last I heard was that Baltimore was interest, but I don't know if they picked him up..I'm also kinda surprise no one has picked up Baker either...since he has both the ST and receiver tags..
I have not heard a thing about either of them. But I am assuming as the season progress and Injuries start to hit some teams. Both players will be picked up.
Seems a shame, cause both guys LOOKED like they could help the fins. Just shows how our team talent level has improved the last couple years. Now GOOD players can't even make our roster.

I still would have liked to have seen both these guys make the cut. Unfortunately, for the fins, is that the only way these guys would be brought back is either poor play, or injury.
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