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Odell Thurman Arrested.


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May 5, 2002
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GEORGIA junior linebacker ODELL THURMAN was involved in a nightclub incident last weekend that may have led to him being formally arrested... although there have been no arrest papers or charges officially released... a number of current and former Georgia Bulldogs' football players were involved in an arguement that grew into a full-fledged fight at a local area Athens night spot... Thurman was recognized and pointed out by one managers of the establishment who saw him lead away by local authorities after the incident... this is obviously something that needs to be further investigated, but Thurman continues to confound even his biggest supporters... he had several similar type off-field problems that led him to miss several games due to suspension, and initially caused him to attend a military prep school coming out of high school... however, on the flip side, he is a kid that has seen both of his parents already pass away, while also being the father of two small children... there are several teams that feel he will be fine in a structured environment, while others have been left to wonder how he well he will adjust to the NFL lifestyle.
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