**OFFICIAL PHINS VS. 49ERS Game Thread**


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May 27, 2004
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Seattle, WA
Finsperfect72 said:
Quite different from the Hawks game. Wonder what happened?
Not to defend Bates, but I don't believe he's the problem.

The real problem is that as Interim HC, Bates cannot make the changes necessary to improve the team at a core level; in other words, he cannot fire Foerster and Wise - which is what really needs to happen in order to see some development in the young players.

The players and Bates are shackled by what is quite possibly the most ill-conceived blocking scheme on OL, and the most badly-matched to its personnel.

They are also shakled by Foerster's piss-poor play-calling. He needs to go now, or we will know no more at the end of the season about the youngsters - including Feeley - than we do today.

EDIT: I meant to reply to the quote by SacTown, not the quoted post. Sorry...:eek:
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